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Yikes! Pregnant Snooki Is Having Nightmares That Her Baby Is Trying to Kill Her (VIDEO)

We’ve heard that pregnant women can have some wild dreams about their future baby, but Snooki (as usual) may win the award for the most outrageous.

The almost-8-months pregnant Jersey Shore star appeared on Access Hollywood recently and reported on her strange nightmare: "I had a dream that he came out and he was a gorgeous little baby, and then he turned two and he turned into a Chucky doll," she said. "And he was trying to kill me. And I was, like, throwing him off the bed. And he’s like, ‘Mommy, why’d you throw me off the bed and try to kill me?’”

Not to worry, Snooki is also having sex dreams about hottie Paul Walker. Check out the video below!

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