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Glee Season 4: Lea Michele Dishes on the Men in Rachel’s Life — Finn, Kurt, and Jesse!

It looks like Rachel (Lea Michele) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) really are besties for life! While it seemed possible that there would be bad blood between the two, given that Rachel got into NYADA and not Kurt (sob!) we now know that won’t be the case. Go ahead and take a big sigh of relief!

In fact, Rachel and Kurt will be talking more in the Season 4 premiere than they have in recent episodes. As Lea Michele tells Huffington Post, “I already have twenty scenes on the phone with Chris Colfer in the first script.” Whoa twenty scenes? Crazy! Okay, so phone scenes aren’t quite as exciting as face-to-face ones, but we’re still not complaining.

Lea isn’t complaining either. She says, “I love working with Chris,” and he’s “the best.” Awww! (Uh, but it’s not better than working with your real-life boyfriend Cory Monteith (Finn) right, Lea?)

As for Rachel and Finn, Lea suggests that there might be new guys in Rachel’s future. She says that the season will begin with Rachel being “very confused as to where [Rachel and Finn] stand.” In fact, Finn is currently in the Army and Rachel “hasn’t heard from him,” so she’s “trying to figure out what it all means.” Gah! Can’t they just live happily ever after already?

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And speaking of other guys, Lea was asked whether we might see Jesse St. James (Jonathan Groff) showing up in the Big Apple this season, and it sounds like Lea is all for it. However, whether Jonathan Groff’s schedule will allow for it is another question, as Lea says that the actor is currently busy with the play Red and a new movie. C’mon, Jonathan — you can make a little time for us Gleeks, right?

Source: Huffington Post

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