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The Bachelorette

Should Emily Maynard Let Daughter Ricki Meet Her Final Suitor Before He Proposes?

Wherefore art thou, Ricki? Last time we checked on Bachelorette Emily Maynard's tender-hearted child was braiding her hair into cornrows in an existential crisis, and lord knows what she's doing in Curacao. Well, other than hanging out with Chris Harrison.

Ricki's journey has been an unusual one. She's spent about half this season accompanying Emily on various exotic adventures, and we have no clue what she does all day. What we do know is that Ricki loves staring at wildlife and being twirled around in the wind — but you know what she doesn't love? Not knowing WTF is going on.

Emily Maynard is about to get married to the man of her dreams, which means Ricki will have a new dad in T-minus just a few days. Should she have a chance to meet her future pops before he plants a ring on her mom's finger, or should introductions wait until a few weeks of engaged bliss have gone by? Vote your hearts out!

You tell us: Should Emily let Ricki meet her final suitor before he proposes?