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True Blood

Burning True Blood Question: Was Lilith Real or a Drug-Induced Hallucination?

We need to talk about Lilith. Actually, we need to talk about the entire WTF fun fest that was The Authority's V-trip in New Orleans, because we have no idea what was real, and what was a figment of shared imagination.

We get that these folks were blazed up on cannibalism and love, and likely hallucinated that magical drop of blood that morphed into a hot naked lady — but most hallucinations aren't mutual.

Salome, Nora, Russell, Eric and Bill (and the rest of the wack pack) all saw Lilith rise from the blood, but as soon as The Ghost of Godric appeared next to Eric, Lils suddenly disappeared. Does this mean that she never existed to begin with? What. Is. Happening?

If Lilith does exist, everything in The Vampyr Bible is true and we should all sacrifice our bodies to blood-suckers stat. But if homegirl is a drug-induced hallucination, mainstreaming could still be a viable option for vampires. Ugh, Godric, why must you evaporate without explaining yourself fully?

Also wear did you get your Jesus robes, because we want them in our summer wardrobe.

07.23.2012 / 10:30 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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