Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap of Season 7, Episode 11: Where is the Love?
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The Kardashians

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap of Season 7, Episode 11: Where is the Love?

Tonight’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians was about some people getting much closer to one another, and others drifting apart. Oh, and there was a major cliffhanger. Let’s take it from the top!

The episode begins with Khloe and Kourtney hanging out with little Mason, with Khloe noticing something strange about Mase’s shirt. Later, Kris Jenner invites her friend Lance Bass and his boyfriend over for dinner. Bruce is upstairs in his underpants watching television, but she insists that he join the group … with pants and shoes on, “like an adult.” Bruce and Lance have some stimulating dinner conversation about his educational background and the incarceration of Lance’s former boss, Lou Pearlman, but Khloe interrupts to ask why he and Kris are so far apart at the dinner table. Where’s the romance?

Meanwhile, Rob’s on the hunt for a house. He invites Scott Disick to join him in looking at this one place, and they both agree it’s perfect (most importantly, it has great party potential). But when Rob hears that the asking price is over a million dollars, he gets a little spooked. The price is negotiable, but probably not as much as he’d like it to be.

Bruce surprises Kris with a new friend Angie Everhart, the former supermodel. Better yet, they’ve got something in common: They both like to golf! And it’s rare for women to like golf, apparently. “It’s a nice change,” Bruce says about her. The two hug it out on the green. Angie asks whether Kris likes to play, and Bruce notes that she’s not a golfer. Angie mentions that she doesn’t have a membership to play. But never fear, Bruce comes to the rescue! He gets her number and promises to set up a game.

Meanwhile, Rob’s still not sure whether to purchase the home or not. So he and Kris’ assistant, Noelle, get his business partner Elizabeth on the horn. She doesn’t like the idea of him rushing into things, and he doesn’t really have the cash to get what he wants anyway. This isn’t the news Rob was hoping for.

When he leaves, he dials up Lamar Odom and asks what he thinks about Rob living with them again. Of course Lamar’s in, and Rob tells him to make sure the fridge’s stocked! When Scott rings to ask whether he made a move on the house they looked at, Rob says no and requests that Scott not inform the sisters just yet. Scott offers to help with house hunting again in the future.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap of Season 7, Episode 11: Where is the Love?
Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images    

When Bruce gets home from golfing, Kris is surprised to hear that he’s run into Angie at the club. She gives him the stink-eye about it right away, and he adds that he’s going to set up a game with her soon as he’s fleeing up the steps. This is definitely getting sticky fast!

Khloe heads back to Kourtney’s to chat some more. Kourtney’s unloading some stuff to be returned, but she’s all ears when Khloe tells her Rob wants to move back in. “He took advantage of any luxury [we had] and then as soon as he got Dancing With the Stars he bailed,” Khloe remembers. Not to mention, with all of the amenities they have over at Club Odom, he could easily slip off of his proactive course. “He’s doing so well, and I want him to continue to stay motivated,” explains Khloe. “I just don’t want to be the enabler.” Kourtney thinks they need to have a serious meeting about the issue before anything else.

Bruce hits up Angie Everhart to set a date for golfing. He’s got the next day free, and she happens to as well. When he gets home, Khloe starts teasing him about Kylie dating someone, and Bruce says she’s way too young. When Khloe was fourteen, they wouldn’t even talk about dating. “And look how amazing I am,” she answers back. “I’m the only one of your kids who’s actually married. You’ve got one that’s got two babies out of wedlock, one that’s been married twice, and this guy wants to move back into my house.”

Bruce wonders why Rob doesn’t want to stay on his own, and Rob’s clearly not interested in discussing it. Khloe tells him that if he’s going to live bill-free she still wants to see some productivity out of him. Bruce, on the other hand, feels like he should find his own place. “Be a big boy,” he exclaims. Rob deflects, saying he does have enough money but that he wants to live with Lamar again. He doesn’t want to talk financial woes with Bruce.

Later, Bruce goes upstairs and finds Kris organizing more of her things. “By the way, I’m leaving,” he says. She asks him to pick up a dress at the dry cleaners that she needs for a red carpet event later that night. He doesn’t think he can swing it since he’s got a tee-off time with Angie. “So you’re not going to get my stuff because you’re with Angie?” she asks. He backs down and agrees to pick up the dress. “Have a good time,” she says deviously.

At the range, Angie and Bruce have a good time and they have a pleasant chat. Meanwhile, Rob packs his stuff and leaves the apartment. The situation isn’t ideal, but he’s fortunate to be in the position he is. When Bruce gets home, he praises Angie’s game. “She’s a great golfer. She got me on the last hole I couldn’t believe it,” he says. “What does that mean, ‘she got you on the last hole?’” Kris snaps back. He tries to explain, but she just wants her dry-cleaning, which he forgot to pick up. Slick move, Bruce. He offers to run and pick it up, but it’s too late, she says.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap of Season 7, Episode 11: Where is the Love?
Credit: Kylie Jenner Twitter    

When Khloe sees all of the boxes that Rob’s moved over, she’s immediately peeved. He was just supposed to bring his clothes over. Khloe starts wigging out, and even Lamar has to agree that “sometimes Rob can be disrespectful without even knowing it” … and there are a ton of boxes. Although, he does think Khloe might be a little OCD. He grunts at the early catastrophe the move has already made.

Over at Jenner Communications, Kim Kardashian shows up at Kris’ beckoning. She’s got something to tell her, and Kim has no idea what it is. Kris tells her about how she thinks Bruce “has a major crush” on Angie now. “Good for him,” Kim says, but Kris snaps back “No, not good for him!” Kim brushes it off because she doesn’t think Bruce would cheat on Kris and neither does Kris. “I don’t think Bruce is cheating on me, but Bruce and I have sort of gotten into this routine where we’re not exactly dating anymore,” she says. Kim suggests that they first spy on him and Angie so she can know nothing’s going on. She also advises Kris to take the lingerie up a notch and start sleeping in the same bed as him once in awhile. Kim labels it Operation Angie Everhart. Wow, no “super spy” points for creative naming, Kim.

At the Odoms, the special guest has arrived. Khloe starts in on how moving is going, and he cuts her off by answering a phone call. He tells the person on the other line that she’s rude and disrespectful and out of her place. This understandably upsets Khloe and she lets him have a piece of her mind, convinced already that this is not going to work out.

Kim and Kris begin Operation Angie Everhart. Kim’s brought a pair of binoculars, even. Kris is impressed and asks whether she’s got a night vision camera, too. Kim answers jokingly, “No that was Paris Hilton.” The two rent a golf cart and start searching for their guy. They pass by a lone golfer, and Kim says, “You don’t want Bruce looking like that pathetic guy and playing by himself. Maybe you should be thankful Bruce has a buddy!” Kris retorts, “Not when they look like Angie Everhart.” Fair enough.

They spot red hair and know they’ve found them. They have a little trouble ducking out and are almost spotted, but then Kim remembers how bad Bruce’s vision is and tells Kris to look up. “Why do they look like they’re having so much fun?” Kris wonders. He didn’t seem to have as much fun when the two of them went golfing in the past. Both ladies are shocked when Bruce puts his arm around Angie to help her forward. Kim thinks it’s time to go. Kris knows the arm-touching is not part of the game, and she admits she wasn’t prepared to see that. Kim tells her to relax.

When Lamar gets home from a workout, Khloe alerts him to Rob’s little ‘tude. Lamar plays it smart and tries to stay out of most of their arguments, but he touches base with Rob. Rob’s nice to Lamar, of course, but Khloe warns that he’s getting kicked out if something doesn’t give.
Kris makes it to her little function that evening with Jillian Reynolds and Giuliana Rancic, where they’re being honored with Women of Achievement Awards from the Association of Breast and Prostate Cancer. They take some photos and settle into a table. Kris sits by Noelle and tells her that she thinks Bruce has a crush on Angie. Noelle thinks it’s not possible and that he loves Kris too much for that. But Kris thinks they have some chemistry together, and now she’s ready for payback. “If Bruce is getting flirty with Angie, I’m not going to hang out and twiddle my thumbs … Maybe it’s time I had that long-awaited talk that Todd [Waterman] wants to have.” Noelle thinks it’s a rash decision, but Kris insists, “Sometimes I think there is another chapter for me.” “Without Bruce?” Noelle asks. Kris says yes.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap of Season 7, Episode 11: Where is the Love?
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Rob comes back to Khloe’s house, this time even more unpleasant than the previous time. He won’t even acknowledge her when she says hello, and now Khloe’s really ticked. He’s in her house, after all. She calls him out on being rude to her since day one of his move. He decides to tell her why he’s been so ornery: He can’t afford his own place. Khloe’s actually happy about it and says that it’s good that he’ll be taking his time with finding the right fit. She tells him about how when she was his age, she insisted on getting a two-bedroom townhouse instead of a one-bedroom, even above parental objections, and how she struggled every month. She was way in over her head, and she doesn’t want Rob to go through that. She understands now why he was giving her so much guff. “You gotta promise me you will never give me attitude in my house again,” she tells him.

Bruce walks in to chat with Kris about whether his red collared shirt or his black one looks best. “When’s the last time you cared about what shirt you wear to the golf course?” she asks. Bruce gives up. He explains that he’s gotta show up to the golf course first because he doesn’t want to keep Angie waiting. “Oh we don’t want ‘Ang’ to wait,” she sasses him. He tells her that if she needs him, don’t call, just text.

Khloe calls someone to inquire about how to help Rob save money while he’s living with her and Lamar. It’s recommended that she charge him some rent and then put it into a savings for him. Rob likes the idea and appreciates Khloe’s help. Now, there’s the friendly face we’ve been missing all episode! “This is the start of a new adventure,” she promises him. He cuts her a $3,000.00 check for the first month’s rent in advance.

Kris decides to meet up with Todd at the Wilshire Hotel. She orders a steep glass of wine first thing. “It probably sounds so childish, but if Bruce is going to go to the golf course and hang out with Angie all day long, I’m not going to feel guilty about wanting to meet up with Todd,” she says.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap of Season 7, Episode 11: Where is the Love?
Credit: Thomas Janssen / Pacific Coast News    

When Todd arrives, she disses him for being thirty minutes late, and she’s surprised at how relaxed she feels around him. She’s not nervous, like she expected to be. He compliments her on looking great, and then the two go back and forth about who found who at the tennis club. There’s some flirtation going on here for sure!

While Angie and Bruce are innocently saying good-bye, Kris and Todd get a little too cozy. “Twenty-three years. That’s a really long time not to see somebody and then go back to that place,” she says to him. “I didn’t feel like in control of my emotions, and I had to figure out how to breathe again,” she tells him. “You’re in control now,” he tells her. Then, she asks whether he’s with anyone. No, he says. When she asks why noting that he’s a handsome guy he whispers something in her ear. She comes away saying that there’s no way he’s been waiting for twenty-three years for someone.

“I think timing’s everything,” he coos to her. She agrees. “How much time do we have tonight?” he asks her with a sultry tone. “Uh, how much time do you need?” she asks meekly.

To be continued? You bet it will!

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