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The Bachelorette

OMG Moments From The Bachelorette Season Finale: Jef Proposes, Arie Cries, And We Have a Total Eclipse of The Heart

It's the end of an era. The Bachelorette is over, Emily Maynard and Jef Holm are living happily ever after, and Arie Luyendyk, Jr. is currently dropping his journal off on some unsuspecting random's doorstep.

The season finale was even more emotional that we thought (our eyeballs are crying!), but luckily we were able to come out of our emotional fog for long enough to roundup the biggest OMG moments of the episode. Siiiiiiigh.

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1. Emily Breaks Up With Arie, He Man-Cries
Remember how Arie wandered around the island of Curacao with that local yokel plucking flowers to make Emily a love potion? Probably the most depressing moment of our lives, and yes — we gained about five pounds from all the comfort pizza we had to eat.

Arie had no idea what was coming when Emily strolled into the enchanted forest to break his heart, and we could barely watch as he realized their relationship was over. Did you see his face? It was the face of a broken man, guys. Honestly, we're shocked that he didn't fly into a rage and shove his love potion down Emily's throat.


2. Jef Pops The Question!
We have been preparing our bodies (read: our fantasy suites) for weeks in anticipation of Jef's proposal to Emily, yet we still managed to faint on the floor in a puddle of happy tears and sequins. Jef could not have been more adorable or sincere as he declared his love for Emily while surrounded by terracotta pots!

Also, are we alone in thinking that he was secretly proposing to us through the TV screen? Because we do, Jef. You can ship our engagement ring to 123 Coif Fetish Lane.

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4. Jef And Ricki Get Their Bond On, Snails Manage To Escape Death At The Hands Of Emily
Can we please discuss Ricki? This girl has barely been on our radar, but now she is officially our favorite person ever. Not only does Ricki have great water aerobics skills, she wanders around with not one, but two, pairs of pink goggles — just in case cute boys named Jef Holm should want to frolic in the sea with her.

In other news, Jef and Ricki's bonding session involved sticking snails into Emily's white wine glass and releasing them into the wild, where we assume they hurled themselves off the nearest cliff in mass protest. Let the snails be near your shirtless body, Jef. It took them weeks to crawl over to you!