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The Bachelorette

Top 10 Quotes From The Bachelorette After the Final Rose: “We Might [Get Married] in Africa”

If Arie Luyendyk, Jr. wants to pass us that journal, we'll read it. No double rejection — before the final rose ceremony on The Bachelorette Season 8 and then again in Charlotte, N.C., when he dropped his diary off at her doorstep. Arie and Emily Maynard had a kind of awkward diary chat on “The After the Final Rose” special, but — as usual — Jef Holm saved the day, explaining things to his bromance BFF and sitting down for a live love chat with his fiancee, Emily. That Jef. He’s a keeper. Here are 10 quotes from the “After the Final Rose” to keep reading while Jef packs for his move to Charlotte, N.C.

10. Arie [on Emily not even reading the journal he left]: "I just wish you would've like grabbed the phone and just said like 'Hey, don't leave it at my house, just go back home. I'm with Jef.'"
He should’ve left it at the local library. They are always taking donations and he could pass it off as Fifty Shades of Grey fan fiction.

9. Emily: "Had Jef not been there, it would be Arie and I sitting here, so happy."
Had Emily not been there, it would be Arie and Jef sitting there, even happier.

8. Jef: "I'm going to take Emily to Africa with my company People Water and we're going to build wells there and help out."
And while we’re gone, Arie is going to housesit in Charlotte. And do some more journaling.

7. Jef: "We think that the best thing is that I move to Charlotte. The biggest reason for that is Ricki, in my eyes. I don't feel like we should uproot her from school or her friends or family. There's a third person involved here. ... I'm fortunate enough that I can work from anywhere so I'm going to move there and get a place separate from her and we're going to combine our lives together."
The benefits of dating an entrepreneur with an AT&T contract.

6. Jef: "It felt like we just met out and about. It didn't feel like we met on a show."

As opposed to a few showmance finales we can think of...

5. Emily [on what she loves about Jef]: “It's not just about all the qualities that makes the other person great, it's about how they make you feel. And he makes me feel more confident in myself than I've ever felt. He really does inspire me to be better. And he's funny! He makes me laugh."
So, when does that Jef and Emily spin-off series premiere? (Then again, never mind. They should keep their laughs off-camera for a while.)

4. Jef [on what he loves about Emily]: "She's so funny and I wish they showed more of that on the show. She's so witty and caring and smart and happy and such a good mom. She's the most caring person ever. She's gorgeous. She's so beautiful. We just fit perfectly together."
Because I’m gorgeous and beautiful too! Twinsies.

3. Emily [on wedding plans]: "We might do it in Africa."
Jef: "Yeah. We'll find a tribe man."
Yeah, pick Africa. Chris Lambton and Peyton Wright already did a Bachelor Nation wedding in Charleston, S.C.

2. Jef: "Ricki is Emily's universe, like she said, and she's very quickly becoming my universe."
Aww! Just don’t let it go to Ricki’s head.

1. Emily [after flashing ring]: "This ring, as beautiful as it is, it means nothing to me because it's really all about the person that he is — and I would be happy with, you know, a piece of tape wrapped around my finger."
NOW she tells us, the ABC accountants groan.