Top Quotes From The Bachelorette Finale: “You Will Never Feel Lonely Ever Again”
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The Bachelorette

Top Quotes From The Bachelorette Finale: “You Will Never Feel Lonely Ever Again”

It finally happened! Emily Maynard picked Jef Holm on The Bachelorette Season 8 finale, preparing him for a life of skateboard lessons, dancing puppets, wiping Cheetos off the mouths of Ricki’s stuffed animals, watching cat videos on YouTube, and listening to “Glory of Love,” because somehow it’s Their Song. To quote the Team JEM leaders themselves: “Thank you. … No, really, thank you.” They are engaged and in love and it’s all good. Not so good for Arie Luyendyk, Jr., but he’ll find someone else to kiss in no time. (Tip: Call us!) As we wait by the phone, check out these quotes from the finale.

15. Emily's dad, Dave, giving his blessing: "Of course you could, Arie, particularly when you said that she's the love of your life. That's a daggone good place to start."
But just so you know, even if Kalon McMahon and Ryan Bowers were here, they’d also get my blessing. I’m just ready to get this girl hitched.

14. Arie Luyendyk, Jr. [to Emily's family]: "I heard when it's overcast it's good to fish. I heard that's when they bite. I don't know much about fishing. So..."
No need to babble nervously, Arie, just play to your strengths: KISS THEM ALL.

13. Arie: "Good luck. I don't know what else to say. I don't think you're going to get the goodbye that you want just because I'm not going to be like ... good luck.'"
Emily: "I don't want that."
Arie: "OK, then I don't know what you want. I thought I knew what you wanted... Thank you for sparing the embarrassment tomorrow. I appreciate that."
“He doesn’t want it *sugar-coated* Emily,” snaps Ben Flajnik.

12. Emily’s dad, Dave: "I don't believe that you can love two people at once."
But you can hate as many people as you want!

11. Jef: "There's not a single ounce of me that would leave her, ever."
Unless Arie pushes me against a wall. Then I'll be helpless to resist.

10. Emily’s mom, Suzy: "I'm blown away. I really thought that this would be easy today because of my feelings for Jef. Then after meeting Arie today I really thought I would be able to say this guy over that guy, but I just love them both."
That awkward moment when Emily's mom forgets she's not The Bachelorette. Then again, we hear choosy moms choose Jef...

9. Emily: "Thank you."
Jef: "Well, thanks."
Emily: "Thank you."
Jef: "No, thank you."
Emily: "No, really, thank you."
Jef: "Seriously, thanks for everything you've ever done in your whole life."
The most passionate polite love story in the history of The Bachelorette!

8. Arie: “I feel stupid. I feel naive.”
Call Sean Lowe! We hear he’s single and likes to kiss against walls, too.

7. Arie: “I still believe that she is the love of my life. That’s what is so painful.”
Is the door still open for a Big Love threeway with Emily and Jef? Most. Dramatic. Ending. Ever!

6. Jef: “I just want to hold her hand till I’m, like, 110 and grow old with her and have a family together.”
Just don’t gain weight — she may still love you, but she won’t love *on* you as much.

5. Jef: “I feel like God puts the right people in our lives when the timing is just right.”
So it’s on you, God — don’t add new people into their lives to mess this up.

4. Jef: “I found my everything.”
It was under the sofa cushion, as usual.

3. Jef: “What I’m about to ask you is a forever thing: Emily, will you marry me?”
YES! Oh wait, that was for Emily. Dang it.

2. Emily: “I really do feel like you’re my soul mate. You are the perfect person for me and you get me better than anyone has, ever. I love you so, so much. So, so much.”
Please make me the happiest woman in the world … and let me be your second “f.”

1. Jef: “If you let me into your life and Ricki’s life, you will never feel lonely ever again.”
Because I’m bringing my puppets too.