Awkward Star Beau Mirchoff Hints at Major “Altercation” Between Matty & Jake – Exclusive
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Awkward Star Beau Mirchoff Hints at Major “Altercation” Between Matty & Jake – Exclusive

Awkward star Beau Mirchoff spoke to Wetpaint Entertainment in an exclusive interview at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards (July 22), and he had good news for those Awkward fans firmly on Team Matty: “Never give up!”

Read on for more on Matty’s upcoming evolution, and why Beau thinks Matty and Jenna are meant to be.

Wetpaint Entertainment: A lot of fans really want to see Matty with Jenna. Why does Matty deserve Jenna?
Beau Mirchoff: The heart just wants what the heart wants. I know Jenna still has feelings for Matty, Matty obviously still has feelings for Jenna. She kind of alluded to it in a voice-over, how Matty was her first love and you can never really forget that. And there’s a lot of truth behind that, there really is. I just think as the season progresses, Matty evolves and more of his better qualities are evident. There’s an opportunity for Jenna to see that, and maybe a change of tides.

So Jenna and Matty fans should not give up.
No. Never. You never give up. Never surrender!

But that’s so sad for Jake.
Well, it doesn’t mean Matty’s going to get her.

What about the friendship between Matty and Jake what now?
It’s no secret that they get into an altercation. Their relationship will forever be changed, though. Something happens and for better or for worse you can’t undo what’s about to be done. Wrap your head around that.

Anything else we can look forward to this season?
Yes, fans will have a lot in store. It gets more dramatic, everything kind of reaches a boiling point and there is a definite conclusion. Things wrap up. Questions are answered. More questions are left. All of it. It concludes.

Can we say anything about the last two episodes?
I’ll say that episode 11 takes a step back, and takes a look at something else. And in episode 12 we jump back into what the main storyline was.

Is Matty becoming a man?
Matty is making some suspect decisions right now. A little shady, a little out of character. That’s part of growing up, though. It’s about realizing what you’ve done wrong and manning up and making appropriate changes.

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