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Bones Star Tamara Taylor Teases Cam’s Season 8 Love Interest: “He’s Someone We Know” — Exclusive!

The always-smashing Tamara Taylor (Cam) attended the TCA FOX All Star Party looking, well, smashing as always! Wetpaint Entertainment was lucky enough to chat with Tamara about Bones Season 8 — including Cam’s mysterious, yet familiar new love interest. We are so intrigued!

Wetpaint Entertainment: What can you tell us about your story line?
Tamara Taylor: I think we are all feverishly, in our own ways — which is the difficult part — trying to clear Brennan’s name. I don't think we can all agree on how that's supposed to be done, but we're all doing it.

Are you guys shocked that she just took off?
Everybody is glad she did because we all know she's innocent. There's no reason she should be in jail. And we're working our asses off to try and clear her name.

Do you know how at all how quickly we move beyond this arc?
Well, the Pelant arc doesn't go anywhere. I mean he's going to be around for a while. That's why I think it's going to be a darker season. They say it's going to be a darker season because we have this looming creepy serial killer that's not going anywhere. He's way clever. We don't like him.

Anything else we can tease about this darker season?
Well, amidst the dark, I'm getting a light. I'm getting a love. I'm getting a love interest, finally.

Is he cast?
Well, he's someone we know. This is their spoiler alert: He's someone we know. That's all I know. I have no clue who it is. I'll know when I read the script.

Are you excited?
Totally excited. I'm a little nervous. Like, when you think of like the selection, I'm like “Oh, man… Okay. That would be awkward. That would be inappropriate. That would be weird.” You go down the list.

So by process of elimination, it's obviously not Booth.
No. We've already been there.

It's not Hodgins, I'm hoping?
No. I would hate myself.

He is with my daughter. That's inappropriate. Each one of those boys is wildly attractive and incredibly talented and totally funny. But they've always been my squinterns. So to actually imagine Cam feeling anything romantic for them, is sort of interesting.

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07.24.2012 / 10:28 PM EDT by Carita Rizzo
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