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Real Housewives of New York

Carole Warns: Sonja and Heather’s “Toaster Oven War” Is Coming

Oh, Sonja Morgan and her cookware antics. Thanks to the kooky Real Housewives of New York star’s way, we are all about to embark on what Carole Radziwill calls the “Toaster Oven War.”

According to her most recent Bravo blog, Carole wrote that we should “stay tuned, kids. This is the beginning … Pay attention to Sonja’s skepticism but also Heather’s expertise and Big Gun James Bernard.”

Carole teased about Sonja’s latest aspirations, writing she “was not put on this earth to carry a toaster oven around in a Tumi suitcase, crumb tray or no crumb tray. A Morgan should be selling bonds for sport, not toaster ovens. Sonja is simply too sparkly. She should be in tiaras and feathers from morning to night. I've said this to her many times. She was born to host in fabulous homes in the South of France. She was born to be the matriarch of chateaus, yachts, and a staff of seventy. I've never met this ex-husband, Mr. Morgan, but like Sonja I keep all of my money with him and now I'm worried. I'm closing my investment accounts and moving to South of France. Anyone want to join? I don't think Big Guns and Sonja are getting along. Keep your eye on that. I can't wait for the photo shoot. Trust me on this.” Yow!

Heather Thomson also revealed in her blog that she instructed graphic designer James not to look at Sonja’s website (a major point of contention for Sonja) because “I actually didn't want James to see what I had seen when I visited her site.” What could that mean?

“The images of Sonja with the leather gloves and the ‘S’ and ‘M’ burnt onto toast frankly speaking, were a bit scary,” Heather continued. “And I wanted him to approach this project with an unbiased opinion and fresh eyes and to meet her in person first.” In other words, she didn’t want any of that burnt toast sullying the creative juices. Wait’ll Sonja gets a load of that.

Maybe Carole’s right about this getting ugly pretty quickly. Stay tuned for the TOW!

Source: Bravo, Bravo

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