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Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Brody’s “Definitely Interested” in Rachel — and He Won’t Give Up!

Are bathrooms the new place to meet hotties these days? We wouldn’t have thought so, but don’t tell that to Rachel, who will meet her new potential love interest Brody Weston (Dean Geyer) in a co-ed bathroom at NYADA when Glee returns for Season 4. It sounds like things will be heating up and we’re not just talking about the hand dryer.

So what exactly will happen between Rachel (Lea Michele) and Brody and is Finn (Cory Monteith) still in the picture? Lea Michele told Hollywood Reporter that Brody is “definitely interested” in Rachel, but Rachel doesn’t know how to respond, since she “doesn’t really know where things stand with Finn” and hasn’t heard from him since he joined the Army. C’mon, Finn isn’t that what Skype is for?

But Brody who will start out as Rachel’s mentor is serious about winning Rachel over and is “not going to give up,” according to Lea. And we don’t blame him, since a guy would have to be crazy to let Rachel slip away. (Oops no offense, Finn!) Lea calls Brody “a cross between Jesse St. James [Jonathan Groff] and Finn,” which sounds like the perfect man to us.

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Lea also dished about Rachel’s new roommate at NYADA, who apparently has not yet mastered the putting-a-sock-on-the-doorknob tactic. Lea says that we won’t actually see the roommate, but we’ll definitely hear her in some compromising situations. (Yes, that means what you think it means.)

Lea explains, “You see Rachel for the first time in her bed, covering her ears from the sex noises that her roommate is making.” That sounds super-awkward to us, but Lea promises it will be “hilarious.” And could this be a sign that Rachel will soon be moving out of the dorms and perhaps getting an apartment with, say, Kurt? Here’s hoping! Regardless, NYADA students clearly work hard and play hard (and no, “hard” was not intended as a euphemism).

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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