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Real Housewives of New York

LuAnn Plays a Prank on Ramona, Aviva Calls Her Out As “Mean-Spirited”

Ramona Singer and Luann de Lesseps have had their problems on Real Housewives of New York but on Monday night’s episode (Season 5, Episode 8: “Blinded by the Wine”), the pair’s troubled friendship hit another awkward bump in the road.

For the first time in Housewives herstory, the problems didn’t start from a war of words. Rather, they came up after Luann and her boyfriend Jacques decided to play a bit of a prank on Ramona during a wine-themed game.

Ramona is famous for not only her love of Pinot Grigio but also her own personal brand of wine, Ramona Pinot Grigio. Jacques, who had organized the party, asked Ramona to take part in a wine-tasting game that required someone to sip an unknown wine, smell different scents (like lemon and a floral blend) and then re-taste the wine and see if they can tell the difference in the taste. Jacques made Ramona take part in the game, only to later reveal that the wine she was tasting was the famed Ramona Pinot.

While the game sounds innocent enough, one could see how it could be potentially embarrassing for Ramona. Her Pinot Grigio is a mid-level table wine, so it might not be as fancy and sophisticated as the wines that were being passed around the upscale party. In fact, when Heather Thomson played the game (before she knew it was Ramona’s wine) she said that the wine tasted bad. When Ramona tasted the wine, she said that it tasted a little flat. Not exactly something that you want to be saying about your own wine.

The prank also opened up Ramona to criticism for not knowing that much about wine. Luckily for her, she impressed the Wine Master with her knowledge of different notes in wine. So, that crisis was averted.

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While Jacques and Luann thought the game was fun, some of the other party guests thought it was a rude game with passive aggressive intentions.

"They were trying to set you up, that you didn't know your own wine," Mario said to Ramona at the party after Jacques revealed the wine.

"Did I think it was cute or funny? I didn't,” Aviva Drescher said after the party in a confessional. “I thought it was mean-spirited"

When Ramona and her husband traveled down to Miami to visit with Aviva and Reid, the wine prank was still a hot topic of discussion. Mario was still upset about the game, and retaliated by mocking Jacques’s “Pepe le Pew” accent during a dinner. Aviva, again, said she thought the game was mean-spirited and that she didn’t understand why Ramona wasn’t more upset. Ramona, who was getting overwhelmed by everyone’s reaction, explained that she didn’t know how to react since she and Luann had allegedly “made peace.”

For her part, Luann brushed off any claims that the game was mean-spirited while watching the episode on Twitter on Monday. “Ramona does know her wines,” the Countess tweeted.

Was the game mean-spirited? Sound off in the comments below.

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