Teen Wolf Recap of Season 2, Episode 9, “Party Guessed”: Punch Drunk
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The Vampire Diaries

Teen Wolf Recap of Season 2, Episode 9, “Party Guessed”: Punch Drunk

It’s Spring Break at Beacon Hills High School! Let’s celebrate with hallucinogenic punch and a box of Kleenex. Trust us. Teen Wolf Season 2, Episode 9, “Party Guessed” had us in tears so many times, and it had nothing to do with the contents of our party cup.

Since her trip to the hell Hale house, Lydia’s been MIA. Now, she’s showering. We’ve seen this before, and it ended in a fugue state. Once again, Lydia hallucinates her way out of the shower, only this time, she finds herself on the lacrosse field (this school has no football team!) at homecoming. At least she’s wearing a dress. As the crowd cheers her, Peter makes his way toward Lydia and throws her to the grass.

After he breathes all over her face, Lydia and Peter find themselves back at her house. All she has to do, Peter tells her, is every single thing he asks. His face is all decayed, and he says the next full moon is key, because it’s the last one of winter. There will be worms and rebirth. Whatever you say, rotting dead guy.

Coincidentally (or not? Maybe it’s an immunity thing), Lydia’s birthday party is also on the full moon. It’s the event of the year, so everyone will show up. Through Lydia’s window, Peter magically shows her a preview of her party in which the guests are all bloody. No one will get hurt, as long as Lydia sticks to the plan, Peter promises. Then he rubs it in that no one has told her what she’s immune from. He promises to show her what everyone’s been keeping from her and disappears. Suddenly, a werewolf bursts through the window.

Even the most well-stocked first aid kit in the world can’t save Mrs. Argent from Derek’s bite. Chris is trying to help his wife with her wound and reassure her. “It’s alright. I’ll clean it myself,” she tells him. Chris retreats to have a conference with his father about Mrs. A’s fate roughly three feet away. “When do you think Allison will be emotionally prepared to handle the death of her mother?” Gerard asks. Then the gravelly voice reaches a new low: “Your wife is already dead. That thing over there is just a cocoon waiting to hatch.” And we thought Mrs. Argent hated werewolves.

Derek and Scott are having a pack meeting. Both realize they can neither save Jackson nor kill him. In all his 20-something years, Derek has never seen anything like the kanima. Tell us of your stories, wise werewolf. Scott suggests they let the kanima be the Argents’ problem, but Derek is feeling guilty. It was his bite that turned Jackson. “You didn’t turn him into this,” Scott reassures the alpha. Derek scoffs off the legend of the kanima, but Scott thinks he’s hiding something. Instead of opening up, Derek sends Scott home to prep for Lydia’s party the full moon.

An awkward conversation transpires between Matt and Allison about their kiss when she drives him home. As she tries to dodge his questions about her ex, Allison gives Matt the Facebook status update in regards to Scott: It’s complicated. Matt gives her hand a little squeeze. After he exits her car, Allison breathes on her window, hoping to see a message from Scott. She’s disappointed. (He’s been having secret meetings and healing, girl. Give him a break!)

Unfortunately for him, Matt left his backpack and camera in Allison’s car. She snoops. The first photo of her is cute. The next 19 are not. There are shots of her in her bedroom. Good thing Allison is so nosy, or she never would’ve realized Matt is a total creeper. Matt returns for his camera and notices her looking through the photos. Though she tries to play it off, he tries for roughly half an hour to get her to come inside his house. Luckily, she’s had werewolf training (or a self-defense class). Instead of following him in, Allison leaves him in the street.

The pack (sans honorary member Scott) is talking about a box with a symbol on it. It turns out, Boyd is a symbologist (paging Robert Langdon), and he knows the special name for a spiral. There’s a reason the werewolves use that particular shape, Derek explains. It represents the alpha, beta, and omega, which reminds the lycanthropes that they can rise or fall to any spot on the hierarchy. Then Derek prepares them for the full moon, and reminds his pack that their power comes at a price. “Tonight, you’re gonna want to kill anything you can find,” he tells them.

Back in “Let’s Pretend Everything’s Normal Ville,” Lydia and Allison pick out outfits for the birthday party. Allison tries to warn Lydia that no one might show up because of how cuckoo pants the hostess has been acting. “Everyone’s coming,” Lydia assures her friend. Even Jackson. Mrs. Argent arrives to have the “I got bitten and am on death’s door talk,” but Allison brushes her mom off. The one time Mrs. A isn’t all intense…

Teen Wolf Recap of Season 2, Episode 9, “Party Guessed”: Punch Drunk
Credit: MTV    

The former Sheriff catches his son paging through a yearbook. Mr. Harris has been brought in for questioning and the cops are working on a warrant, says Stiles’s dad. Stilinski, Jr. isn’t buying it. Just because Harris’s tire tracks match those from several of the crime scenes, it doesn’t make the chemistry teacher the murderer. “You don’t have to solve this for me,” says Mr. Stilinksi, but Stiles is clearly feeling guilty for getting his dad fired. Then the ex-police officer notices a photo of the swim team in the yearbook. The coach is Isaac’s father, and the members match the victim list.

Lacrosse doesn’t take a Spring Break, and Lydia finds Jackson at school. She invites him to her party while nonchalantly stroking his arm. He shivers. “You don’t want me there, trust me,” he says. He tells her once more, with feeling, while grabbing her arm. “I’ll see you there,” she says. His eyes flash, and hers look a little dazed. Wait, was that the kanima listening to his master? Or is this Peter’s influence?

Allison walks up to Lydia’s house. It’s quiet. Dead quiet. There’s clearly no one celebrating inside, but Stiles arrives with a huge package. It’s a gift for Lydia, guys. Inside the house, Stiles and Scott discuss what they’ve learned so far. The kanima hates water, and everyone who’s died so far has been connected to the swim team. Then the boys notice that they’re basically the only ones who have shown up to the party, because who wants to go to fugue-state girl’s birthday? The boys rally and invite the lacrosse team and some randoms to Lydia’s house.

In the subway car, Derek fits his pack with their chains. Because Erica will be able to withstand more pain (it’s a lady thing), she gets a spiked headband from Mediaeval Times screwed into her skull.

Amidst the now-hopping party, Stiles and Scott have a heart-to-heart. The latter doesn’t think he needs to apologize to Allison, but Stiles disagrees. He doesn’t want his buddy to lose his girl to a stalker like Matt. Stiles, you don’t know the half of it.

Jackson arrives. “Glad you could make it,” says Lydia. She does seem glad. Weirdly glad. Peter glad. She serves up a glass of suspiciously foamy punch.

As Boyd and Erica scream in pain, Isaac asks Derek how to control the transition. Find anchor, the alpha tells him. While Derek’s is anger, Isaac’s doesn’t have to be.

Totally misjudging his wife, Chris hands Mrs. Argent a bottle of prescription pills for her forthcoming suicide. She pulls out a knife, then heads off to write her note. She’s kind of awesome. Meanwhile, Gerard isn’t happy to see his son displaying emotion. If you want easy, change your last name, the elder Argent says. Then he tells Chris to go help his wife die with dignity, or one of them will have to kill her. Gerard and Mrs. Argent would’ve made a good couple.

People are making out all over the place at Lydia’s party. The hostess gives a glass of punch to Matt, but he tosses it out. Then Lydia plays matchmaker and tells Scott to have a good time with Allison, if you catch her drift. The werewolf downs some punch, but by the time he’s done guzzling, Allison is gone.

The hunter gives Matt two minutes to explain his creepy photography habit. “Is it really that bad that I think you’re beautiful?” he asks, which might’ve worked in a RomCom, but Allison is too smart for that. She wants to know how he got some of those bedroom shots and calls him a stalker. “You think my bedroom is wallpapered with photos?” he growls, getting angry. Then Matt tells Allison to get over herself. She tries to leave and flips him when he grabs her arm. Then she apologizes, deciding her self-defense moves are best used on werewolves and not photographers who use telephoto lenses inappropriately.

Amongst the crowd, Allison sees a crossbow. Then she gets shot in the stomach. By herself. A cloak-wearing doppelganger of Allison berates her for always yelling for help, and it’s clearly a hallucination. Someone’s been drinking the punch.

A dude tries to make out with a plant as Stiles and Scott stumble by. Though he’s feeling strange, Scott knows it’s not the moon. Out of nowhere, a drunken sheriff staggers into the party. He’s just come from a funeral, he announces to the hushed room of partygoers. Then Stiles’s dad begins to berate him, calling his son a bastard and telling him, “You killed your mother, you hear me? … Now you’re killing me.” Suddenly, Stiles comes to from his hallucination, which is the most heartbreaking one of the night.

Teen Wolf Recap of Season 2, Episode 9, “Party Guessed”: Punch Drunk
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Mrs. Argent and her husband sit together in their room. “I didn’t get a chance to talk to her,” she tells Chris. It’s clear Allison isn’t going to be able to say goodbye to her mother.

Everyone’s tripping, including Scott. On the stairs, a vision of Jackson on top of Allison transitions to the kanima cuddling up to her. When the hallucination fades, Scott realizes Lydia is responsible. Too bad she’s ditching her own shindig.

It’s Jackson’s turn to see things. He hears his name. A couple is inquiring for him at the front door, saying they’re his real parents. They turn to him, but their faces are blurred. After a moment, Jackson’s face becomes blurred as well.

In the subway car, there’s lots of shaking, breaking, and screaming. The teen wolves, they are a changing. Derek calls Scott in for reinforcement but gets his voicemail. Erica has lost her spiky helmet and everyone is beating up Derek.

With the help of a partygoer and a pool of water, Scott sobers Stiles up. Good. We do not want to go through another hallucinated father/son episode.

Derek gets control of Erica, then Isaac subdues Boyd. He’s a fast learner, that one.

Mrs. Argent has a knife and starts to plunge it into her chest. The werewolfism is about to take hold, but Chris stops her. The couple discusses what he’ll tell people after her death. While Mr. Argent agrees to convince the outside world that his wife had a history of depression, he swears Allison will never believe it. Mrs. Argent is worried what people will say, that they’ll call her weak.

“I’ll tell them it was the hardest thing,” he promises and kisses her. She asks her husband for help. As the moon comes through the window, they both grasp the knife and push it in. Her eyes change then go back. Chris lets out a moan. We need more tissues. Goodbye you cold, steely eyed soldier.

When Isaac explains that his father is his anchor, Derek is surprised. This is the same guy who used to lock Isaac in a freezer as punishment. “He didn’t used to,” Isaac says.

Lydia shows up with a handful of purple dust. She blows it at Derek. (She just wants him to look pretty.) He falls to the ground. She looks at him. (Never mind. This has nothing to do with her wanting him to be a pretty purple princess.)

We have no idea how she found out about her mother, but Allison arrives, crying, at the hospital. She sees her father. “If this is some kind of sick training session, you better tell me,” she sobs. He holds her and apologizes. We are a mess.

The party is still in progress, but Jackson is nowhere in sight. Anyone who drank the punch is freaking out and in the pool — including a non-swimmer. After several slo-mo shots of the person drowning, Jackson pulls him out of the pool. It’s Matt. Dripping wet, he tries to slosh past Scott and Stiles with dignity.

The cops arrive, breaking up the party. In a loud and disorderly fashion, everyone runs away. Between the fleeing partygoers, Scott sees Matt standing next to the kanima. By the time the stream of people has cleared, the kanima and his master have gone.

An incredibly strong Lydia has dragged Derek back to his burned-up home. “You don’t know what you’re doing,” the werewolf tells his captor. She gives the burned-up corpse Derek’s arm. Using a series of mirrors, Lydia redirects the moonlight to shine on the dead body. The reanimated body grasps. The werewolf’s eyes go red then green. A dust-covered Peter explodes out of floor.

“I heard there was a party,” he says. “Don’t worry, I invited myself.” Actually, dude, that party got busted. Sorry.

Next week, Matt has a gun and Allison wants Derek dead.

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