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True Blood

True Blood Season 5 Spoiler: Is Russell Edgington Loyal to the Sanguinist Movement?

Russell Edgington is a changed vamp, y'all! After 3,000 years on this earth, he's finally accepted Lilith as his personal savior. In the words of Russell himself, he has been born again!

Now that True Blood's most dangerous villain is a god-fearing bible thumper, might we see a shift towards peace and love? After all, he was digging a pair of '60s John Lennon-style shades while cruising the streets of Mardi Gras.

Yeah, right. This is Russell Edgington we're talking about! The dude who ripped out a newscaster's spine on national television. Although his allegiance currently lies with the Sanguinist movement, the truth is, Russell's not loyal to anyone — not to Nora and Salome, and certainly not to the mainstreamers. His main objective is to have fun, and it matters little who bleeds to death in the process.

“He just kind of wants to be left alone,” actor Denis O'Hare revealed to “Russell will stick around until he’s not having fun, and then he’ll split."

We hope he gets bored with his current killing spree sooner rather than later — we'd like to be able to enter a karaoke bar without cowering in fear.


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07.24.2012 / 12:30 AM EDT by Lindsay Dreyer
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