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Teen Mom

Are You Mad That Tyler Threatened to Break Up With Catelynn on Teen Mom?

Tyler and Catelynn slay us on a weekly basis with their adorable relationship, but this week's episode of Teen Mom had fans questioning everything.

MTV's happiest couple are college bound, yet Tyler is slightly more motivated to get his education on than Catelynn, and it's causing major problems. Tyler's worried about "fathering" Cate, but he can't help feeling like she isn't interested in school — and he even admits that if she doesn't apply to college it could end their relationship. What? Noooo!

We get that Tyler wants to be with someone who has life goals, but college isn't for everyone. As long as Catelynn finds something admirable to do with herself, maybe Ty should let it go. Then again, we get why he wants Cate to go to school. Education is extremely important!

Do you think Tyler was too harsh when he contemplated breaking up with Catelynn? Sound off below!

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