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The Bachelorette

Bachelor Nation Reacts to Bachelor Pad 3 Premiere: “I Think I Just Got an STD by Watching Those Twins”

Bachelor Pad 3 came in with a bang, and the shot was heard around the Twitterverse. In fact #BP3 was trending within minutes of airtime! We stayed glued to our computers to bring you all of the very best tweets from all around Bachelor Nation — including plenty of current Bachelor Pad contestants. Enjoy!

Chris Harrison@chrisbharrison
Exhausting RT @kacielynnb: @chrisbharrison how does it feel to be on TV for 5 hours in 2 nights? Gotta be some sort of record.

Chris Harrison@chrisbharrison
I loved it when the fans arrived. Cracked me up.

Marissa May@MarissajustMay
Call me crazy but is Chris walking around with the same Ryan Bowers swagger? Pot meet kettle.

Dana Weiss@Possessionista
I kinda think if I wanted to watch fans on #BP3 I'd just sign onto twitter. Wait.

Dana Weiss@Possessionista
Being on #BP3 is like fighting. Only instead of people, you're fighting communicable diseases.

Dana Weiss@Possessionista
Coming back for a second season of #BP3 is like going to prom after you've graduated.

Dana Weiss@Possessionista
The twins share a vote. And also a brain.

Dana Weiss@Possessionista
Ryan doesn't drink. Ryan is a virgin. I'm pretty sure Ryan has never seen #BP3 before.

Chris Bukowski@chrisjbukowski
This is a game show right?

John Wolfner@jwolfner
Kalon driving a 2002 Ferrari 360 rented from Hertz

John Wolfner@jwolfner
I think just got an STD by watching these twins.

John Wolfner@jwolfner
Umm who bamboozled the Virgin that doesn't drink. Dude this is Bach pad, the hot tubs have diseases

John Wolfner@jwolfner
Over under on how many times Ed pissed in the hot tub!? I'm going 3.!

J.P. Rosenbaum@JP_Rosenbaum
You ever wanna just reach into your tv and smack someone?

Paige Vigil@paigevigil
I said a swear!

Constantine Tzortzis@contzor
Paige, Reid is willing to stick more than his neck out for you.

Reid Rosenthal@reidrosenthal1
My campaign was a bit off.

Robert Mills @Millsy11374
Hurricane Ed Swiderski. He's a force of nature.

Robert Mills @Millsy11374
Who had Blakeley as first to cry in their #BP3 pools?

William Holman@WilliamFHolman
I like how no bachelor contestants like to be judged but they all are judging the fans right off the bat. Take it easy.

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07.25.2012 / 12:40 AM EDT by Daynah Burnett
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