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Glee Season 4: Uh-Oh, Brittana Fans — Things Will Be “Not So Super” Coming Up!

Ominous news, Brittana fans! We’ve been on the lookout for any clues at all as to what will happen to Brittany (Heather Morris) and Santana’s (Naya Rivera) relationship on Glee next season, and according to producer Ian Brennan, things aren’t sounding promising for the two. Grab some tissues, stat!

Ian and several cast members spoke to The Hollywood Reporter to give a glimpse at the coming season, with Ian saying that things will be “not so super” for Brittany as she repeats her senior year at McKinley. “She's stuck in a way and she's away from the person who has been a huge thing for her for two years now,” Ian continues. Translation: Ack! We were hoping for promising news about Brittana doing the long-distance thing, but this doesn’t sound so promising.

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Chord Overstreet’s (Sam) news was slightly more hopeful, as he says that there’s “potential” for Samcedes to rekindle things and that he loves how Sam still “cared for her.” So you’re saying there’s a chance!

But where will Mercedes be living next season? Amber Riley doesn’t know if Mercedes will definitely be in L.A., and she’s not even Amber 100% sure when she’ll be appearing on the show. She concurs that “there may be some Samcedes again,” but that all she really cares about is that Mercedes is pursuing her dreams, even if that isn’t in L.A.

In the meantime, Amber is staying plenty busy, as she’s writing songs for her debut solo album. She’s says that the tunes will be “R&B with a pop feel.” And get this: Amber and Naya Rivera (Santana) have even talked about recording a duet for the album! After the amazing duets that these two have had on the show, we’re practically hyperventilating with excitement.

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Chris Colfer confirmed that “Kurt is going to be mentored by Sarah Jessica Parker and be in Ohio first and eventually get to New York.” However, as to what makes Kurt actually move to New York and how he gets there, Chris says he’s still as clueless as the rest of us are.

Chris also has a suggestion for the Glee writers: Give Kurt some happier moments already! After Kurt lost out on NYADA, the school play, and the student-body election, Chris wants to finally “see him win a little and be happy.” We couldn’t agree more.

And finally, what about that Wemma wedding that we’ve all been waiting for? Matthew Morrison (Will) says to hang tight! As he says, “It’s in the cards that we’ll have a wedding this year” and “have everyone come back for it.” Hooray! (Also: Um, Ryan Murphy, what was all THIS about back in the spring?)

However the wedding goes down (or doesn’t?) this season, we will say one thing. We’re guessing that Rachel (Lea Michele) won’t be trying to catch the bouquet, given her not-so-stellar history with attempted weddings.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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