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Glee’s Dean Geyer Doesn’t Want You to Hate Him For Coming Between Finchel!

Is Dean Geyer just as big of a Finchel fan as the rest of us are? It sure seems that way, as the actor who was recently cast as Brody Weston who just might be Rachel’s (Lea Michele) new man says he doesn’t “want to be that person to break [Finchel] up.”

In other words: before you decide to hate him with every ounce of your being, give the poor guy a chance.

Dean tells Hollywood Reporter that his character, Brody, is a NYADA upperclassman who is a couple years older than Rachel. As such, Brody has “definitely been through the ropes” at the demanding school. Plus, he’s even been on Broadway before, which “is something she really looks up to.”

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So give it to us straight, Dean: Are Rachel and Brody gonna hook up or what? Dean plays it pretty coy during the interview, as you might expect from the new guy (it’s not like he wants to get in trouble with Ryan Murphy in his first week!). Dean says that “there’s room in there to be a bit of a teacher and mentor rather than a love interest, so it could go that way.” Uh, could he be more vague? We think not!

Then again, it sounds like Dean is also worried about the wrath of Gleeks everywhere. He acknowledges that Finn and Rachel “have a lot of fans,” and so it’s going to be “tough” if he’s the new guy in the love triangle. Apparently, he’s aware that Glee fans are not known for keeping their opinions to themselves!

This has been quite the whirlwind week for Dean, who didn’t even find out that he had the part until yesterday morning. And it didn’t take long before Finchel fans were frantically tweeting him to ask if he was “going to be the dude who breaks them up.” Actually, Dean says that he’ll start shooting this Friday but that, as of last night, he hadn’t even seen a script yet!

As far as the audition process itself, Dean — who says he started as a musician and has only been acting for about five years — sang an acoustic version of Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River,” the Rent tune “One Song Glory,” and a Josh Groban song. He then came back to perform a scene with Lea Michele to see if there was chemistry between the two — “and thankfully there was,” says Dean. We’ll be the judge of that, buddy!

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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