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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Jane By Design Recap Season 1 Episode 17: “The Sleepover”

With an episode title like “The Sleepover” you know we’ve been setting our DVRs to watch and rewatch this week’s Jane By Design.

And as much as the scandalous promo reminded us of an episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, this week started off very spooky, Pretty Little Liars style.

Ben’s off becoming a baseball star and Jane’s mom is off because Teri Hatcher probably had other obligations this week. So our fashionista is home alone just like Macaulay Culkin, and after a creepy intro, it’s back to fun and games with her bestie Billy.

The dynamic duo decide to throw the party of the century, the only problem is wannabe plastic Harper is throwing a party on the same night, and it looks like everyone’s leaning on the side of popular.

But that all changes when Billy sends out the memo that no parents are invited (even though the janitor was).

Meanwhile, Zooey’s still steamed that Billy called her a “colossal waste of time” when he mistook her running lines for her professing her love to boring babe Nick Fadden.

No worries, Billy Boy mohawks his way back into her heart with a simple apology until he lets it slip that he’s been spending the night at Jane’s house for weeks. And thus the jealous girlfriend monster is unleashed, never to return to normal again.

On one hand we can see her point — Billy made Nick quit the play over nothing, but acts as if his hardcore honey should be fine with his boy/girl sleepovers. But on the other hand, it’s Janie and Billy!

They’ve been besties for ages and we all know they’re meant to be (whoops...did we say that? We’re, uh, still rooting for you Zooey). Jane tries to talk to Zooey, but it’s no use, this girl has gone cray cray in a major way ... way.

Of course, Jane has no time to focus on her personal life when things at Donovan Decker start heating up. Without Jeremy and his designs, there’s no hope for the Harrods collaboration and it looks like things are coming to an end.

But then Jeremy calls Jane to apologize for his behavior, and we learn that the backstabbing Brit is in his homeland of England. Cue Jane getting on the next plane to Heathrow and completely missing her party (and they even played Carly Rae Jepsen!).

Jeremy’s personal calls seem to affect India so much we almost remember that they were kind of an item about six episodes ago.

She pulls her classic mean girl gone good act and confides in Eli about the struggles of losing her dashing designer. Eli in return complains about the difficulties of dating Jane ... after their single date.

Credit: Ron Tom/ABC Family    

Speaking of Jane, her house is in shambles and party-goers are trying on and ruining the play’s costumes! Billy should really be doing something about it, but he’s too busy trying to convince Zooey (who’s wearing her best Catwoman dress) that he’s just that into her.

And it seems to work when we come back from a commercial break to see two pairs of legs intertwined. But, twist of all twists, those legs belong to India and Eli! Say it isn’t so!

The fashion-forward unlikely couple seems to have had a one-night stand thus ending any chances of Eli and Jane working out and sending India further down her rock-bottom spiral (hey, at least she looks great while doing it).

The morning after is never pretty and Rita Shaw gets an eyeful driving past the Quimby house. Clearly Zooey is the worst partner in crime ever because when Billy tries to pull the shower trick a second time the Z-Meister totally blows it and everyone’s busted.

But Jane is too busy trying to convince Jeremy to help Donovan Decker solidify this partnership. Sadly he’s gone noble, and very British, and refuses to help leaving her stand alone by the water’s edge.

Hey, at least she got a free trip! Just grab some fish and chips and call it a day, Janie.

Now that Jane’s solo life has been discovered and things aren’t looking good for Donovan Decker, what will she do? Chances are our girl will figure something out, and all while wearing heels no less!

Tune in next week to see what she decides and who Billy ends up picking in this summer’s finale!