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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 7 Recap: Mona Finally Reveals a Secret

Help each Little Liar, okay? (That’s just our way of using Mona's [Janel Parrish] code to say “H-E-L-L-O” to you. So, hello!) In this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars (Season 3, Episode 7: “Crazy”), Mona's skills with tweezers are MacGuyver-esque; Ted dates more MILFs than Tommy Lee; and new girl CeCe swans into town, which is great if you were recently saying to yourself, “You know what Rosewood could use? Another crazy bitch!”

Wherein Hanna Cracks Mona’s Code Which is Slightly Out of Character, Dontcha Think?

If someone saw your missing daughter, wouldn’t you want to know? Thus, Alison's (Sasha Pieterse) dad’s treatment of Hanna seems a tad overboard. We wonder if this is a sign that he has another daughter on the loose a.k.a. Ali’s twin and he’s trying to keep hush-hush about it. Very sneaky, that Mr. DiLaurentis. Looks like this is yet another Rosewood father who’s not on the verge of supplanting Heathcliff Huxtable for the title of “Best TV Dad Ever.”

We also discovered one more artifact that was unearthed from Ali’s grave: that Ouija Board of Doom. The evil board game pricks Hanna's (Ashley Benson) skin, fueling her worry that her blood is on the anklet that Wilden (Bryce Johnson) has. And who knew that a Ouija game could actually draw blood? Up until now, we had assumed that the only board game capable of causing physical pain was Twister. (“Right hand, blue! Left ankle, twisted!”)

Nagging question of the night: What was it that “Maya knew” (per the code from the sentence, “Miss Aria, You’re A Killer, Not Ezra’s Wife”)? Did she know who killed Ali? Did she know who “A” is? Did she know that Dr. Pepper and Cherry Coke are actually the exact same thing, which is a secret that the soda industry has been trying to keep hidden for decades?

Wherein Aria Gives Ella Dating Advice, Like “Always Snoop Around in His Sock Drawer”

Who else was proud of our girl Aria (Lucy Hale) for facing Mona in Radley all alone? And she even had to do it without those fab neon earrings, which the nurse confiscated. We also see Mona building a house of cards, a la the Queen of Hearts she was holding earlier this season. (Q: How do you know when you have too much time on your hands? A: Your house of cards is almost big enough for someone to live in.)

We’re not sure if Aria should really be giving Ella (Holly Marie Combs) dating advice, considering that her main relationship isn't exactly a normal situation. Still, it was cute to see Aria help her mom prepare for the date, which meant informing her that the only people who own as many scarves as she does are magicians.

And thank goodness Ella knew to steer clear of Ted, who is definitely creeping us out. Could Ted somehow be working for Wilden? Regardless, all we know for sure is that he has quite a thing for single moms.

Wherein Emily And CeCe Prove To Be Bad At Playing Matchmaker

Seriously what is with Nate? We keep wanting to like him and we felt for him when he was stood up by Jenna (Tammin Sursok) at the end of the episode but he keeps saying suspicious stuff. Like, how did he recognize those earrings that Emily had purchased for Maya (Bianca Lawson) right before her death?

Meanwhile, we have to admit that CeCe seems to be as manipulative as Ali was and we’re curious what CeCe knows about Ali but as of right now, we’re kinda digging her anyway. If you think about it, CeCe was basically just helping to protect Nate from Jenna, even if her method of threatening to scratch Jenna’s eyes out is what you might call an “unconventional” way of helping someone. Let’s hope the Liars stay on her good side.

Wherein Spencer Finds Time for Her Favorite Hobby: Reading Old Yearbooks

We understand that Spencer (Troian Bellisario) was freaked out to see that Jason (Drew Van Acker) was in a car wreck, but why did she not remember to close her car door? If that “stolen” car alibi winds up landing Toby (Keegan Allen) in jail, we will seriously never forgive Spencer. Heck right now, Toby is the only truly reliable boyfriend left on the show! (Sorry Ezra [Ian Harding], but that money sitch is raising some red flags). We’re just hoping that Jason will now be more willing to tell Spence info about CeCe that is, once he’s no longer heavily intoxicated, as he was in his car.


- The clue of the night: We learn about Mona’s secret anagram code, which Hanna figures out (someone get this girl in Mensa!). However, the only sentence that the show doesn’t translate for us is “Miss Aria, You’re A Killer, Not Ezra’s Wife,” which seems to mean “MAYA KNEW.” It sounds like this a hint as to why Maya died, and perhaps that Mona knows who’s responsible.

- The girls crack the code to find, a website with Maya’s picture on it. The girls are stymied by the need for a password to enter, but we’re pretty sure that Mona told us the password. As she was being led away by the nurse, she said, “I Missed My Dolls,” which would translate to IMMD which sounds to us like a password!

- Hanna is right to be nervous about that anklet, considering that O-negative is a rather rare blood type. (By the way, we’ve heard of “blood diamonds,” but this “blood charm bracelet” might be a first.)

- What’s the deal with CeCe? There is clearly a ton we don’t know about this firecracker, including her history with Jason, though Jason makes it clear that they ended on bad terms. We also hear CeCe refer to Ali as a “broken doll,” and since we know how much “A” loves dolls, we can’t help but wonder if CeCe is on the “A” team.

- Nate is suspicious for multiple reasons. One, he somehow knew about those earrings that Em bought for Maya. And two, he mentions that Maya would give Jenna rides home from school periodically. Say what?! It appears that Jenna and Maya had a friendship that we never knew about, which could have something to do with the parties that Maya and Holden — and perhaps Jenna — attended.

- Does Jason have something up his sleeve? It almost seems like he wanted to get arrested, perhaps in order to talk to Garrett. We know that Garrett and Jason used to party back in the day, so we wonder if Jason’s relapse is being triggered by some memory of their time together.

- We got more clues that Ali has a twin, particularly when Ali popped up during that night of Ouija board. And Ali’s dad’s hostile reaction to Hanna’s sighting of Ali makes it seem as though he’s hiding something maybe even a secret daughter.

- What was the deal with that tape recorder that “A” had hidden in the doll at the end? It doesn’t really make sense that “A” would know that Hanna and Aria were going to sneak into Radley, and that they would follow Mona to the Creepiest Children’s Ward Ever. Either “A” is psychic, or that’s a really, really long-lasting battery in that recorder.

Other Things That Need to Be Discussed:

- We used to think that the cutest Jason was “Angst-Ridden and Trying To Figure Something Out” Jason. However, we now have learned that the cutest Jason is actually “Angst-Ridden and Trying to Figure Something Out While Jogging” Jason.

- We kinda love the new guy who Ella met at the coffee place. However, we weren’t surprised to learn that he wasn’t a barista, since he seemed friendly, and we feel like a “friendly barista” is a mythical entity, sort of like “a leprechaun” or “an affordable New York City apartment.”

- Based on the number of car accidents that take place there, we’re thinking that Rosewood must have the world’s most lax driving exam.

- Now that we’ve met Ali’s dad, it’s safe to say that every dad on the show except Emily’s is mysterious and always seem to be on the verge of attack. What gives?

Catch an all-new episode of PLL on Tuesday, July 31 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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