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Dancing With The Stars

Report: Fans to Vote for DWTS All-Stars Final Celeb From 3 Options?

The schoolyard pick you always hated in P.E. may be coming to Dancing With the Stars.

The Season 15 All-Stars cast is being announced this Friday, July 27. A mysterious tweet from host Tom Bergeron, makes it sound like they will be revealing all but one cast member, with fans potentially voting on the final person.

Today, reliable gossip tweeter @DWTSGossip shared more details: "#DWTS all-stars scoop: this season will have 12 couples. Tom and Brooke will announce 11 contestants and then present 3 more options and the fans will vote on the 12th celeb.”

If this is true, we think it sounds awkward for the two who aren’t chosen. Unless it’s, say, Gilles Marini, Master P, and David Hasselhoff, it could be an embarrassing surprise/disappointment for the rejected stars. And it could start fan rivalries even before the season begins, if some fans get upset that Alumnus X was chosen over Alumni Y and Z.

Separate concern: 12 couples? In our recent poll asking which pro you most want to see return for All-Stars, we listed 15 options. If this report is right, three of those pros will not be competing.

Meanwhile, we still don’t know if ABC will reveal the pro partners on Friday or save that for a later date. For some longtime DWTS fans, the pro situation is an even bigger deal than the celeb cast.

Whatever else happens, it sounds like DWTS is giving us some summer school voting homework. Let’s be sure to turn it in on time!

Source: Twitter

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Gina Carbone is a contributing writer at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow her on Twitter @ginacarbone.