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The Vampire Diaries

[Spoiler] Dies: Why We’ll Miss One of Teen Wolf’s Greatest Villains

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Teen Wolf, it’s that there are different levels of villains in its universe. Between the kanima’s master, who’s using the lizard creature to exact his revenge, and Peter (Ian Bohen), who’s making Lydia (Holland Roden) his puppet, the werewolves and hunters have their hands full. But Matt (Stephen Lunsford) and Peter aren’t the only evil-doers in Beacon Hills, and we lost another villain in Season 2, Episode 9, “Party Guessed.”

Were we supposed to hate Victoria Argent (Eaddy Mays)? In so many ways, she was just a lot of fun to watch. She was never a classic, one-dimensional villain. Her motivations were pure (protecting her family), but her executions were flawed at best. For example, she tried to kill her daughter’s boyfriend. While we were watching her wolfsbane Scott (Tyler Posey), it’s not that we wanted her to win. In fact, we wanted her to lose. That way, we could watch her quietly controlled rage flicker behind her steely eyes. Unfortunately, we never got the chance. Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) bit her, and transitioning into a werewolf finally humanized Victoria.

But she was a badass until the end. Sure, she could’ve taken Chris’s (JR Bourne) sleeping pills, but she chose her favorite self-mutilation instrument — a knife — in the end. (It’s impossible to forget the scene where Mrs. Argent sliced open her own arm, just to have an excuse to go see Mrs. McCall. That’s sociopath-level scheming.) There was some hemming and hawing before Victoria had her husband help plunge the knife into her chest. Mostly, she seemed concerned about her legacy. We’d like to think it was for Allison’s (Crystal Reed) sake, but it was always Chris who was the most concerned about his daughter. But it was Allison’s weeping grief that really made Victoria’s death tragic.

Victoria had to die, though. Her hatred for werewolves guaranteed she’d never become one, and her suicide may turn Allison against the supernatural forces in her town. As evidenced by the hunter’s party punch hallucination, Allison’s greatest fear is being weak and relying on Scott to save her. Victoria’s death will likely serve as the impetus for Allison owning her role in the Argent family. Whether she’ll fall in line with her father and his somewhat tempered view of werewolves or the intolerance of her grandfather and mother remains to be seen.

Regardless, what made Victoria Argent a chilling foe was her ability to command the death of a werewolf and seamlessly offer a plate of cookies in the same breath. That, and her ability to change a pencil sharpener into a metaphorically menacing device.

RIP, Mrs. A.

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07.25.2012 / 12:42 AM EDT by Jenny McGrath
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