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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Top 5 Revelations From The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 7 Lost Footage Episode

Real Housewives of Orange County Season 7 has now officially ended. Last night’s “Lost Footage” episode was the final episode of the season, and what a fun one it was. Here are the top five reveals of the show.

1. Heather’s life is perfect.

There were a couple of lost footage pieces involving the show’s newest addition, Heather Dubrow. All of them proved that her life is just amazing. In the first unseen clip, Heather and her pals (who are also her restaurant business partners) meet up with Top Chef’s Fabio Viviani to discuss the restaurant they want to open together. Fabio tries to scare the ladies a bit with some serious talk about the potential for restaurant failure due to bad management, but after a few questions back and forth, they’re all comfortable with the arrangement. Heather’s got a chef!

In another short clip, Heather and her hubby Terry take the kids to a friend’s house to celebrate Yom Kippur. She reminds them to be gracious and polite, like any good mom would do. Oh, and she fields a few innocent jokes about sister-hitting to boot. Cute family, for sure.

The last clip of her is when she bucked up with the other girls in Costa Rica and gave mud-running a shot. She wanted to prove she’s not just a “Fancy Pants.” Don’t count on her to do it again, though!

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2. Slade had to make some serious amends this year.

Slade Smiley had some serious making up to do this year. His little comedy routine hit two of the OC Housewives where it hurts — their vanity (he made a Miss Piggy joke about Vicki Gunvalson’s nose that still has her convinced she needs plastic surgery, and he quipped that Tamra Barney will be the next Michelin man, ouch!).

During the lost footage show, there were two amends sessions involving Slade — both successful. First, Vicki. Host Andy Cohen asks the duo why they’ve been at odds for seven years, and even he doesn’t know what all the fuss has been about. He does know that there’s a big difference between him making a joke about her in front of a crowd of a few hundred and her “making a global accusation about him as a father.” Vicki takes the heat for that and admits she was influenced by others (unnamed) with that opinion and misinformed about his child support payments.

We flash back to a moment when Gretchen Rossi takes Slade to meet up with Vicki and her boyfriend Brooks Ayers for dinner. Gretchen thinks it’s time for everyone to make nice, and Vicki wants to introduce her boyfriend around town anyway. According to Vicki, the only way things are going to improve is if Slade stops talking badly about Brooks. Slade accepts and apologizes for the Miss Piggy pun. Vicki’s not quite done with Gretchen, though. In Vicki’s mind, Gretchen’s use of the term “hypocrite” is out of line. Gretchen says later, “I don’t know why being called a hypocrite is such a hot button for Vicki. She probably is just such a hypocrite she doesn’t want to be called a hypocrite.”

Vicki then apologizes for her own bad-mouthing, which leaves Gretchen wondering whether pigs are starting to fly yet, and Brooks brings out a nice surprise. He’s saved the bottle of Crystal he won at bowling night, and he wants to share it with them as a thank you for clearing the air. “Here’s to new beginnings,” he toasts. Everyone’s cheery but Vicki still knows they’re not going to all suddenly be BFFs.

Apology number two was for Tamra Barney. They’ve been at odds for a long time, but when Tamra decides to meet up with Slade to make it right between them for Gretchen’s sake, they both suck it up. At first, things are tense, but once they air out their issues, things go smoothly. Tamra’s over the joke, though it was admittedly “not nice.” She chalks it up to “a vicious circle of sh-t-slinging” and apologizes for insinuating that he’s a bad father.

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3. Alexis can’t seem to accept her own plastic surgeries.

More footage of Alexis Bellino discussing her nose surgery came along from the lost footage show, and it became even clearer how inflexible she is about the subject. While most of the ladies willingly admit to having multiple surgeries, Tamra’s especially annoyed that Alexis just won’t fess up to it. “I didn’t care if she was getting a nose job, it was just a fact of the way she said it,” Tamra explained.

One thing Alexis will own up to — seemingly, pretty proudly — is the fact that she earned her boob job. When asked whether she’d get her daughters breast augmentation for their Sweet 16, she says no. She didn’t get hers until college, when she earned them herself by bartending. Heather pipes in to tell them teenage augmentation isn’t okay, anyway.

When the subject of Jim Bellino’s potential plastic surgeries comes up (he is rumored to have gotten work done on his chin), Alexis is even more coy. It’s too bad he didn’t come on the show to answer it himself, she tells Andy. Tamra admits she was the first to hear about it by reading it online and says that she thinks it looks great. Gretchen gets peeved that Alexis can talk freely about everyone else, but when her name comes up, her lips are sealed. Why is the hubby off-limits? “You guys can talk about him if he was here he’d be happy to answer,” Alexis says. “He’s not ashamed of anything he’s done.” Gretchen’s not buying it. “You lie about so much stuff it’s unbelievable,” she snaps.

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5. Tamra’s kid doesn’t approve of her marrying Eddie.

Tamra Barney’s oldest son, Ryan, doesn’t approve of her marrying Eddie Judge. But not because of anything wrong with Eddie — he just doesn’t approve of marriages period. As soon as she got engaged in Bora Bora, Tamra rang up her mom, who shouted with joy about the news.

When she goes to visit Ryan’s apartment — under the guise of bringing him some decorative goodies, of course — he takes the news a little differently. “Why? Why would you wanna get married again?” he asks. “I don’t like marriage. I don’t really think there’s a point to it. You’ve been divorced twice. Dad’s been divorced three times.” “Great, so now my divorce has screwed you up and you never want to get married?” she asks. Ryan says that unless kids are involved, he doesn’t think there’s a point to marriage. Afterward, Tamra admits she’s glad he has an aversion to commitment. She’s “too young to be a grandma,” she jokes.

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