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True Blood

True Blood Season 5 Finale Spoiler Roundup: All the Scoop on “Save Yourself”

Truebies, can you believe we only have four episodes left of True Blood Season 5?

With Russell Edgington on the loose — as much as he claims to be a “changed man” — it should come as no surprise that the finale will be a bloodbath. There are also some other twists and turns, including a “ridiculous” moment for Sam and a bromantic moment for Eric and Bill.

This will also be creator Alan Ball’s final episode, as he is stepping down as showrunner after this season, so we’re guessing this level of crazy will be one for the record books.

Bill Turns to the Dark Side?
According to the finale logline on SpoilerTV, “Eric tries to save Bill from losing his humanity.” Does that mean that Bill will turn to the dark side and go against mainstreaming for good? And is he the subject of the finale’s title, “Save Yourself”? Hopefully, their bromance will be stronger than ever.

Surprises for Sam
“There’s something that happens to me that is just ridiculous,” Sam Trammell spilled to Access Hollywood. “I got excited until I realized what was technically going to be demanded; it’s going to look great, [and] it’s going to feel kind of odd.” Could it be a naked fight?

Shifting Alliances
“The Authority is wreaking havoc in the vampire world and alliances are shifting, so it’s very intense,” Kristin Bauer van Straten told The Hollywood Reporter. “There are buckets and buckets of blood — we were just shooting the walls with it!” Deborah Ann Woll also teased to THR. Which leads to …

Big Body Count
“There’s a big body count” in the finale, creator Alan Ball told TVLine. “Probably more than any other episode we’ve ever had. I’m not saying they’re bodies we know — although some of them are — but there’s a lot of carnage.”

Crazy Final Seconds!
In true True Blood fashion, the final seconds of the finale are going to be cray-cray, Anna Paquin promised. “The last scene of our last episode is going to blow people’s minds,” the star teased at the show’s Comic-Con panel. “It’s a very, very crazy scene.”

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