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Jersey Shore

Which Jersey Shore Guido Should Propose First: Roger or Ronnie?

Now that all four of the Jersey Shore girls are in committed relationships, it’s time to start talking proposals. The question is, who will step up to the plate next: Ronnie or Roger?

We’re leaving Deena Nicole’s boyfriend Chris out of the equation for now, since we still haven’t seen them interact on-camera. We’ll have to wait until Season 6 to see that couple in action.

Roger has been with JWOWW for nearly two years now, and he’s certainly mature enough (ahem, 37 years old) to buy a ring. Plus, JWOWW is 26 now, and recently told Wetpaint Entertainment that she wants to be pregnant by 30. As for Ronnie, he and Sammi have lived through enough fights and cohabitation for at least three marriages, so they should be ready for the long haul at this point.

Who do you think should propose first? Tell us in our poll below!

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