Did Chelsea Houska Break Up With Adam Lind … Again?!
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Did Chelsea Houska Break Up With Adam Lind … Again?!

When it comes to her love life, Chelsea Houska likes her privacy — especially when Teen Mom 2 is off season (aka the worst time of the year). Chelsea is pretty open about most things, but we have no idea what's going on between her and her baby daddy, Adam Lind!

Adam and Chelsea have been together on and off ever since he preggo'd her teenage eggo, but his serial cheating and bad attitude prompted Chelsea to break up with him for good. Or so we thought. A new tweet from Chels implies that she and Adam got together, only to break up again!

"When you keep going back to someone who treats you badly, eventually you realize you're only hurting yourself," Chelsea wrote on July 25.

True that, girlfriend — but what's the dealio? Did Chels and Adam break up again? If so, good riddance! Chelsea deserves someone who treats her like the fabulous princess that she is.

Source: Twitter

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