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Glee’s Brody is a Threat to Finchel, But You Might Actually Like Him!

Is your world crashing down on you at the thought of Rachel (Lea Michele) possibly finding love with new guy Brody Weston (Dean Geyer) and not Finn (Cory Monteith)! when Glee returns? Well, we have some good-ish news that should soften the blow.

Producer Ian Brennan tells TV Guide that he thinks fans will actually like Brody when we meet him. Frankly, we’ll believe that when it happens, but at least this is good-ish news.

Ian also wants to let us know that, even though Finn hasn’t been heard from when the season starts back up, Rachel will refuse to completely let go of him. Ian says that Finn is “at the forefront of her mind, all the while the rest of her life is totally changing.” So it sounds like all hope is not lost for Finchel. Fingers crossed and every other part of your body crossed, too!

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And what are these other changes that are going on for Rachel? Well, the big one is that Rachel is having trouble fully integrating herself into the New York way of life. He explains, “Rachel has moved cities, but hasn't quite moved on, and is caught in that period between being a teenager and being an adult.”

It sounds like Rachel is not a girl, not yet a woman. (And yes, we just quoted a Britney Spears song. Cut us some slack — we’re getting in the mood for the new Britney tribute in Episode 2, okay?)

Source: TV Guide

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