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The Bachelorette

Bachelor Pad 3’s Paige Vigil Speaks: “I Never In A Million Years Would Have Smelt Ed’s Boxers”

Fact: This season of Bachelor Pad 3 is going to come down to the newbies vs. the vets –– aka dried-up oldies vs. hot, young blood. Case in point? Super Fan, Paige Vigil!

Despite the fact that Paige is a girl next door who wouldn't hurt a fly, she was betrayed by people she thought were her friends. Now she's speaking out in her own defense! "I had no idea the veterans harbored so much animosity towards the fans," Paige writes in her Bachelor Pad blog. "I definitely don’t think sleeping in the same bed with me would be like 'sleeping with the help.' I NEVER, in a million years would have smelt Ed’s boxers (gross) and I’d like to think my fashion sense is on-point."

Poor Paige was clearly sad to go home, but luckily she got to meet her biggest Bachelorette crush of all time: Chris Bukowski! "A moment when I lost my composure however, was when I met Chris B. from Emily’s season," Paige writes. "I had such a kindergarten crush on him during The Bachelorette when he brought in the bobble-heads that first night and I was definitely not expecting him to be at the Bachelor Pad."

Aww, Paige! The Pad will definitely miss this cheerful gal and her gorgeous gams, but hey — we'll always have that gif of her talking about that time she peed her pants. As Paige says, "If you can’t laugh at yourself…who can you laugh at?" Memories!

Source: Paige's Blog

07.27.2012 / 02:22 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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