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Bones Season 8 Spoilers — 6 Things We Learned From Comic-Con

Comic-Con is a magical place full of people that believe they are magical. But if you look past the storm troopers, princess Leias and people dressed up as Dobby The Elf from Harry Potter, you might learn a thing or two about your favorite TV shows.

The cast of Bones got their comic on at Comic-Con, and revealed a few tasty spoilers about what we can expect from season 8. Check it out!

1. The Season Will Start In Real Time (Three Months Later)
"It's going to begin three months later, so it's almost real time, Brennan (Emily Deschanel) still on the run with Max (Ryan O’Neal), Booth (David Boreanaz) powerless to do anything about it. “ Stephen Nathan said during a press interview. “The frustration has built over those three months. Booth losing his family, Angela (Michaela Conlin) losing her best friend, and everyone losing to Pelant [Andrew Leeds] — people just start to crack.”

2. Brennan And Booth Will Reunite
Brennan and Booth have been apart all summer, but don't worry –– Stephen said they'll reunite “by the second episode," and added “I think everybody wants them to get back together as quickly as possible, and we don't want to piss anybody off.” Our wrath is building, Stephen...we need a B&B sex scene!

Credit: Patrick McElhenney/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

3. Pellant Will Stick Around All Season
Don't expect the Jeffersonian nerds to beat Pellant at his own game just yet. "We'll see him in the first episode, but he will be a nature force throughout season 8," Stephen said during Comic Con's group Bones panel. "We'll be revisiting him periodically, and he'll come back in ways we don't expect. He really is one step ahead of our people."

4. A Bonus Episode Will Take An Unusual Turn...
During the Bones panel discussion, Stephen said the bonus episodes are "stylistically, very different," and Emily Deschanel added that there's even "one from the perspective of the skull" which was "a fun episode to do and very different." A talking skull? Count us in!

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5. Booth Turns Emo, Re-examines His Relationship With Brennan!
Brennan's disappearance with Christine is the ultimate betrayal for Booth. "For him it's a very emotional time, and also he'll be distraught, probably some depression, some self-examination of his character and why she would do this," David told media outlets. "He'll have to re-examine the relationship, re-examine where they are the two of them." In a word: Nooooooo!

6. The Show Will Get Darker
We're used to Bones being light-hearted and downright hilarious, but this season things are getting real. “It's still going to be funny — the show is still a light, romantic crimedy, and that will continue," Stephen said. "But there'll be a little bit of a darker tone this season. Relationships have been tested and that will continue.” Nooooo, are Baby Christine and Baby Mikey going to get into an epic battle?

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