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The Bachelorette

David Good’s Bachelor Pad 3 Blog: “Take Your Damn Emotions Out Of It”

David Good is a certified Bachelor Pad expert, so heed his words of wisdom, ya'll. This guy can't get enough of the drunken sexperiments that go down in Chris Bukowski's love shack, especially now that super fans are in the mix!

"The 'super fans' all seem decent but I am a little torn by the 'swat' guy in a robe with candles burning, watching the show by himself," David writes in his Bachelor Pad blog. "Nothing screams 'serial killer' more than that. The little slutty spearmint twins are gonna drive me nuts and I only say that because they ARE SUPER ANNOYING in their first 2 minutes."

As wonderful as The Twins are, the best part of this season is clearly Ed Swiderski, whom David describes as "historical," which we assume is stud code for hysterical. David thinks Ed could win this thing, but "needs to watch his liquor. He is fun but can really take it way to[o] far sometimes." You can say that again, Goody Gumdrops.

Now, let's keep in mind that David is a veteran of Bachelor Pad, and he knows what's up. "THIS IS FOR $250,000.00 boys and girls," he writes. "Take your damn emotions out of it and play with your head. You are playing like a bunch of high school girls would. Why on earth would Reid want to keep a super fan in the house? At some point she is going to turn because she will have no choice and join forces against you Reid. DUH."

Considering our favorite word is "duh" (followed by "pizza"), we couldn't have said it better ourselves!

Source: David's Blog

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07.27.2012 / 02:26 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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