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Is Victoria Grayson Alive? Reports From the Revenge Season 2 Set

Yesterday, a series of reporters visited the Season 2 set of our favorite drama Revenge. And if they knew anything about the show, they were frantically searching for actress Madeleine Stowe to confirm that she is, in fact, alive (thus proving her character’s existence as well).

"What’s so odd is they haven’t even told us anything about Madeleine,” actor Gabriel Mann told The Examiner. “We haven’t seen her; she hasn’t been around. But the beauty of the show is anybody we were to lose on the show can always come back in flashbacks. But we genuinely don’t know.”

Creator Mike Kelley has been so secretive with the show’s potential plot that we tend to believe the cast when they claim to know nothing of Ms. Stowe's whereabouts and Mrs. Grayson’s status.

Emily VanCamp certainly wasn’t speaking, either.

“It’s a possibility,” she said to Access Hollywood. “She’s not here right now so I can’t tell you. The other thing to sort of think about as well is that there are several other villains that are sort of becoming a part of the show and I think will become integral parts of the show as well.”

Wouldn’t Victoria’s own children know?

Charlotte’s got her own problems following the drug overdose, and Daniel was a tad preoccupied in the finale with one Ms. Ashley Davenport.

Actor Josh Bowman teased a transformation in his character come Season 2, and admitted he would be mourning the loss of his mother.

But Josh has already told us that Vicky’s not going anywhere, so we aren’t buying it.

All of this mystery is very revenge-y, but spare us, guys. We know she’s coming back, and we can’t wait to see how Mike Kelley does it!

Do you think Victoria Grayson is alive? Tell us below!

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07.27.2012 / 10:30 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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