Jenelle Evans Sounds Off on Boyfriend Kieffer’s Drinking: “I Hate It”
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Jenelle Evans Sounds Off on Boyfriend Kieffer’s Drinking: “I Hate It”

Praise Baby Jace, Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp are back together! These two have been dating for about a month, but we have one small concern: Kieffer's drinking habit.

In case you've blocked it out, Kieffer and Jenelle got into a huge fight about his booze hounding last season, wherein he chugged a bottle of whiskey in the Planet Fun parking lot and Jenelle threw a change jar at his head.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with drinking in moderation as long as you're over 21, but our girl Jenelle is completely sober and hates alcohol with a passion. She's made it perfectly clear that she doesn't like being around Drunk Delp, and we don't know what to expect now that he's back at the bottle.

"Kieffer has recently posted a picture to twitter of himself drinking liquor," Jenelle tweeted on July 26. "He is of age, I don't drink. I hate it. You can ask him for yourself. Don't assume anything you guys! lol."

We're thrilled Jenelle is still off the sauce, but can we trust Kieffer around a tasty bottle of liquor? That remains to be seen –– though we have complete faith in our hooded friend.

Source: Twitter

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