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Jersey Shore

JWOWW Promises to Film Snooki’s Birth, But Is She Ready For “Vagina Rips”?

In case you were worried that there wouldn’t be a visual recording of Snooki’s birth, JWOWW promises that she will be there, video camera in hand.

In an interview with E!, JWOWW assured worried Jersey Shore fans that Snooki “wants me to record it,” going so far as to say, "I'm going to set up a tripod, right there, zooming in."

Confused about where “right there” is? Allow Jenni to explain. "Listen, I've seen that girl bent over so many ways," JWOWW continued. "Sideways, I've slept by her, there's nothing that can happen with that girl that won't surprise me."

Be careful what you say, JWOWW. Snooki has already brought up her fear of “vagina[s] ripping to your butthole,” and despite JWOWW’s assurances that she can handle anything, there’s probably no real way to prepare yourself for that grisly sight.

Happy filming, Jenni!

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Source: E!

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