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The Glee Project’s Abraham Lim Has “No Regrets Whatsoever” About Confronting Ryan Murphy

In case you were wondering, The Glee Project’s Abraham Lim did not appreciate it to learn that his fellow contestants including Aylin were questioning whether his ankle injury was genuine on Season 2, Episode 8: “Tenacity.” Nope, he definitely did not appreciate it!

Abraham spoke with Entertainment Weekly and did not mince words when asked how he felt about those comments. He didn’t know that such things were being said at the time, and now that he does, he says “it speaks volumes about their character or lack thereof, and it speaks volumes about their insecurities.” Ouch! Tell us what you really think!

For what it’s worth, Abraham reiterates that his injury was indeed quite painful at the time. He says that he “fell really, really hard,” and that his back was “in, like, a U-shape.” However, he was inspired to keep going by the fact that guest mentor Amber Riley “came in with stress fractures,” and so he “wasn’t about to give up just because it was hurting.”

As for Abraham’s memorable speech to Ryan Murphy during that episode, in which he apologized for his performance and said that he refused to leave the show, Abraham says he has “no regrets whatsoever” about what he said to Ryan.

He felt compelled to return to the stage because he was bothered that Ryan didn’t say much about his performance of “Man in the Mirror,” and instead jumped right into asking if the injury was real. Abraham said he felt that Ryan was “questioning my character and my integrity,” so he had to go back and stand up for himself. Abraham says that it wasn’t a “tirade” and “wasn’t calculated,” but it was just him being “honest and open.”

So where does Abraham see himself after all this? Well, he wasn’t kidding about refusing to give up on Glee, saying, “I’m still very much set on being on Glee.” Talk about tenacity! However, barring that, Abraham is still hoping to do more acting, naming American Horror Story and The New Normal as his dream gigs. Evidently, Abraham is very much in Ryan Murphy’s corner.

Regardless, Abraham says: “People have definitely not seen the last of me.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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07.27.2012 / 05:42 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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