Tyler Blackburn Reveals Major Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale Spoilers, “Hope” for Haleb – Exclusive
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Pretty Little Liars

Tyler Blackburn Reveals Major Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale Spoilers, “Hope” for Haleb – Exclusive

In an exclusive interview with Wetpaint Entertainment, Pretty Little Liars star Tyler Blackburn (Caleb Rivers) revealed some new clues about “A,” the “men” in the Liars’ lives, and why Caleb really broke up with Hanna (Ashley Benson). Read on for answers to some of the craziest PLL questions ever.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Troian Bellisario recently told us that the guys are going to step up and start helping these chicks get rid of this maniac.
Tyler Blackburn: Yes. Absolutely, very soon, very soon.

What can we expect to trigger that?
I can't really say what happens with that, but Caleb definitely loves the girls in a lot of ways. And he also does feel the wrath of “A.” “A” is a lot darker. The show gets pretty dark.

Is there power in numbers, though?
Truly. I think that's part of it. Truthfully, I think the girls are really fed up, as anybody would be. They're really fed up, and they need some reinforcements. Their relationships with the men in their lives, I think, got them so much stronger, and there's a trust there. So we've been inducted into their world of crazy.

Is there an event that brings them to that point?
I think it's different for each guy. So it's not for one big event. Caleb has always been the tech-savvy dude, and pretty smart, street smart, and I think he brings that to the table. But it's not like, this huge thing happens where he's like, “I need to help out.”

Are you relieved to finally stop asking questions?
Yeah. Absolutely. I mean I broke up with Hanna based on lies. So I'm not going to say too much about that, actually. But we definitely figure some things out, and I'm not being lied to anymore.

So there's hope in the relationship?

Anything you can tease about the finale or the Halloween episode?
We're shooting the Halloween episode right now, and it's awesome. The costumes are really cool. I'm going to be the Phantom of the Opera. But the mid-season finale is explosive. It goes out with a bang. Let’s just put it that way.

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