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Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Season 6 Spoilers: Dan and Georgina’s Unlikely Alliance

Better watch out, Upper East Side. Dan (Penn Badgley) and Georgina are teaming up for Gossip Girl Season 6, and it looks like they're aiming to take you down!

After Dan got into Georgina’s limo at the end of GG’s Season 5 finale, we knew things were about to get intense. From the looks of the first on-set photos of Season 6, these two have been spending plenty of time together over the summer.

Now, we’re fairly certain Georgina Sparks only has two possible settings: crazy mischief and scandalous drama, so if she and Lonely Boy are working together on anything, it can’t be good. Add that to the fact that Dan has just been rejected by two exes he’s still carrying a torch for over the span of a very short time period, and he’s pretty frustrated with the state of the UES in general. Yep, we wouldn’t be surprised if D and G were preparing to wreak as much havoc on the UES as possible.

Credit: Vale Ramos on Twitter    

We’ve already seen a photo of the two filming together in what fans on set say is supposed to be Italy. Now, photographers in the Big Apple have spotted the pair at it again, this time right back at home in NYC.

On July 12, photographers snapped Penn and Michelle filming a scene inside a car as they drove along the streets of Queens. What sort of mischief do you think they might be up to? And more importantly: Does that walkie talkie Michelle’s holding make anyone else wish that she wasn’t filming GG at all, but that these were actually scenes from Harriet the Spy: The College Years? Note to Nickelodeon: It may have been 16 years, but it would never be too late to make a sequel to that movie.

Credit: Doug Meszler/Splash News    

Michelle actually tweeted a photo from inside the car during her Gossip Girl filming. “Riding around in my automobile ;)#GossipGirl‬,” she wrote at around 3pm. The best part is, one of the photographers on the street happened to capture the exact moment she snapped that pic with her phone.

We’re not sure why Michelle decided to tweet a photo of her shoe. Maybe it’s involved in the plot somehow, or maybe Michelle just really likes her character’s footwear for this episode. (We sure do.)

Either way, we can’t wait for the Gossip Girl Season 6 premiere so we can find out exactly what sort of mischief Dan and Georgina have in store for everyone. Is it October 8 yet?

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