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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Wetpaint Entertainment’s Dream Jobs For The Real Housewives of Orange County

The Real Housewives of Orange County spend their days drinking, lunching, trying on fedoras, and yelling at each other, but apparently they also work. Weird, right? Some of these ladies definitely aren't known for having day jobs, so we're thinking they need to up the ante on their business ventures.

Check out our dream jobs for Orange County's hottest housewives!

Name: Heather Dubrow
Dream Job: Du-Bows, Inc
As we all know, Heather Dubrow has a strange obsession with giant frosted cake bows. And yes, she'll go to extremes to protect them from anyone who is foolish enough to think they are to be eaten. Du-Bows is an online company that sells cheerful pink cake decorations which one can easily attach to any baked good of their choice. Just remember, sugary treats are purely decorative, as are carbs.

Name: Gretchen Rossi
Dream Job: President of Flossy Rossi
Gretchen loves herself some itsy bitsy swimwear, and the smaller the better! Clearly, she needs to design a line of limited-edition thongkinis, encrusted with diamonds and embroidered pussycat doll silhouettes. Pleasure is pain, people, we learned that from Fifty Shades of Gray.

Name: Alexis Bellino
Dream Job: CEO of Bling Rings
Poor Alexis has gotten her fair share of verbal bitch slaps from her fellow housewives for daring to wear cubic zirconia, and we think it's high time she give her haters the finger. Bling Rings is a line of womens' jewelry, with prices ranging from $2 and down. It's basically like the Dollar Store of jewelry.

Name: Vicki Gunvalson
Dream Job: Tear Trees
After witnessing Vicki's mental breakdown about death and miniature trees, her future became clear. Vicki needs to found a non-profit baby pine tree farm/educational center, and then invite small children to hear lectures about the circle of life. Kids who are moved to tears will get a tree as a reward.

Name: Tamra Barney
Dream Job: Barney's Bracelets
Tamra is all about friendship bracelets, which we predict are going to come back into fashion any day now. Much like scrunchies. When that fated moment arrives, Tamra can launch her very own line of friendship bracelet charms! We suggest miniature gold Loubies, hundies, and sunnies. Basically, anything that ends in "ies."

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