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Dancing With The Stars

Bristol Palin on DWTS Return: Haters Are Gonna Hate, So She Might as Well Have Fun

Hey, remember way back in January 2012 when Bristol Palin left L.A. to go back to Alaska and work at her old job in a dermatologist's office? “I wasn’t really into the Hollywood thing,” Bristol told In Touch Weekly at the time. “I just realized I was over it and I wanted to come home.”

Well, wipe the nostalgia mist off your eyes 'cause not only is Bristol Palin back on reality TV, she's back twice over. The Dancing With the Stars Season 11 competitor has a show called Bristol Palin: Life's A Tripp airing on Lifetime (where it is being sued by Bristol's fellow DWTS alum Kyle Massey) and she agreed to return for DWTS Season 15 All-Stars.

Why is she coming back for what will surely be more head-shaking and eye rolls?

"You're going to talk about me if I'm in my little life in Alaska or if I'm in L.A., so I might as well just have fun with it," Bristol told reporters on Friday during the Television Critics Association press tour (via People). "I just think that God provides opportunities like this, and you can either go out and do them or not do them."

According to Us Weekly, Bristol joked that she won't be dancing in a monkey suit this time (sorry, Mark Ballas) but she also won't push an agenda. "It's not about politics. It's not about traditional marriage or anything like that. It's just about dancing, and it's gonna be fun."

She really pushed the fun point, adding, "I'm not whining, I'm not complaining. I'm going to go out there and have fun." We'll have to hold her to that around Week 5, if she gets there, when everyone starts whining and complaining.

Oh and did we say no agenda? Maybe just a financial one. DWTS stars have reportedly been paid low six figures just for showing up — and on an All-Stars season we can only imagine the deal is sweetened even further. Plus, dancing on TV is a lot more fun than working at a dermatologist's office.

"Do I like to provide for my son?" Bristol said, acknowledging the bennies. "Yes, I do."

Dancing With the Stars Season 15: All-Stars will premiere on Monday, September 24 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Sources: People, Us Weekly

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