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True Blood

Burning True Blood Question: Who Captured Hoyt?!

Can we please talk about how terrible poor Hoyt's life is? Not only does he live with his mom and her doll collection (shudder), but he also lost his best friend in the world, still has the hots for his ex, and is now being held up at gunpoint by some random on the side of the road. Sigh.

We have no idea who would want to hurt our boy Hoyt (traitors among us!), but we've rounded up the usual suspects. Time to get our sleuth on, Truebies!

1. Mrs. Fortenberry: Yeah, she's Hoyt's mom, but this lady is definitely the type to hold her own kiddo up at gunpoint. In fact, we have no doubt that Bubba spent his childhood doing dishes with a rifle aimed at his head.

2. A Supe-Killer: Hoyt just aided and abetted in the murder of Bon Temps' resident shifter killer, which means the rest of the pack will be out for his blood. Boyfriend better watch his back — these hillbillies know their way around a bazooka.

3. The "Big Woman": Remember when Luna wandered into that random shack and started yammering about how she she smelled a "big woman"? That seemed completely random at the time, but maybe this hefty lady followed Hoyt and wants to kill him! Anything is possible in Bon Temps' sketchy backwoods.

What do you think, ya'll? Head to the poll and tell us who captured our buddy Hoyt!

07.30.2012 / 11:30 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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