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Daniel Grayson Reacts to Losing Emily Thorne and Victoria, Hooks Up With Ashley!

The evolution of Daniel Grayson has been unusual to say the least.

The heir to the Grayson throne started off as your average philandering playboy with a trust fund, but has since morphed into much more.

Dating Emily Thorne proved to have a positive effect on his personality, making Daniel a compassionate individual ready to denounce the Grayson name.

But after a stint in jail for a crime he did not commit and uncovering his family’s dirty little secret, Danny Boy changed his tune and started working for Papa Conrad to solidify his transformation into an evil (former) husband-to-be.

Yes, Ems was the one who cheated by kissing Jack, but Daniel betrayed her first by siding with his corrupt family. In the Season 1 finale, Daniel and Emily ended their engagement and it looked as if he was turning to comfort in ladder-climber Ashley Davenport.

But our boy’s about to get a rude wake up call when the news comes in that his mother has been “killed” in a fatal plane explosion, and his sister overdosed on pills as a result.


“He still misses Emily,” Josh Bowman told TVLine. “She broke his heart, and nothing’s been the same since. He’s back to that give-a-s–t party guy. … But his conscience is still guilt-ridden because of his mother. He’s very weighed down.”

And who will he turn to for comfort?.

“He using [Ashley] just as much as she’s using him,” Josh said. “His body might be [with her] at times, but mentally he’s in a different realm.”

Could that realm be Emily Thorne Land? We were rooting for the Grayson heir until he pulled the family card at the TV interview, and there’s no denying that Emily and Josh have chemistry (considering they’re dating in real life).

Maybe these two crazy kids can work things out and make it a nice day for a blood-red wedding.

Do you think Emily and Daniel will get back together? Tell us below!

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