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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Francia Raisa on Upcoming Secret Life Drama: “Someone Almost Dies!” – Exclusive

There’s never a dull moment on The Secret Life of the American Teenager, but this season, it’s going to be more of a rollercoaster than usual. Below, star Francia Raisa, who plays Adrian, spills about upcoming big reveals, what’s up with Ricky, a fun Christmas special, and on the flip side, a violent episode!

Wetpaint Entertainment: Is the Secret Life wedding finally going to happen?

Francia: There’s a possible wedding coming up, and then there’s a big secret that’s going to be revealed between Amy and Ricky soon.

Has it been a long-time coming?

Your jaws are going to drop. I’ll just say that.

Is the wedding unexpected?

It’s a secret. That’s why I love the title of the show, because that’s my answer to everything. It’s a secret — I can’t give it away.

It’s that jaw dropping? What was your reaction after reading the script?

When I saw that, I was like, for real? Again? Really, another one? OK. Why not?

And what about you and Ricky? Is that over?

I don’t know; it confuses me. I’m saying how in love I am with Omar, but it’s like when a person has to convince their ex that they’re in love with someone else, [but secretly,] they still have feelings for [their ex]. It’s like, “I want you to think that I’m happy, too. You’re not just happy alone.”

So I don’t know — I feel like they still have some tension between them. It’s like, we’re happy [now,] but we still look at each other [and remember the] good times.

What else is ahead? We heard there’s some violence coming up.

There is. Oh my gosh, there is a lot of violence coming. Someone almost dies!

What spurs that?

You know, it’s just stuff that happens every day in reality. I think the creator pays attention to the news, sees what’s going on, and writes it into the script — and people relate to it.

Is it something between friends?

I can’t say. I’ll just tell you that friends defended each other when violence came about.

Are you still having fun?

I have so much fun every day. I never feel like I’m going to work. We just shot a Christmas special, [and] I was such a little kid walking in the room [with] all the toys laying everywhere. My house started smelling like Christmas [and] I’m freaking out that I have to go Christmas shopping. It’s awesome!

Can you tease anything about the Christmas special?

There’s a donkey.

And beyond that?

I think it’s a happy episode … it’s a fun episode. We had so much fun filming — when they called cut, none of us stopped playing!

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