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How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Spoilers: Victoria’s Return, Breakups, and the Day Ted Meets the Mother

How I Met Your Mother Season 7 ended in a weird place. Barney's engaged to Quinn in the current timeline, but now we know he ends up with Robin. Ted, meanwhile, almost rode off into the sunset with Victoria on her wedding day, before coming to his senses and realizing that's a total dick move. Oh, and Marshall and Lily had a baby. No biggie!

What will become of the cast in Season 8? Series co-creator Craig Thomas spilled a lot of spoilers to TVLine and Vulture this weekend. Here are the juiciest tidbits:

The premiere is called "Farhampton": Which is the name of the town Barney and Robin get married in. More flash forwards? You betcha! Craig Thomas told Vulture that we go "deeper" into Barney and Robin's wedding day than we have in the past, and there's "a hint of how the series ends."

The day Ted meets the mother: Craig told TVLine that the flashforward is "the day Ted meets the mother." So, there's that.

Is it the last year? The fate of the show after Season 8 is still up in the air, so for now the writers are operating as if Season 8 is the last one.

Victoria's back! Ashley Williams will return for a multi-episode arc as Victoria, but Craig reiterates to TVline that she is not the mother.

Breakup month: At the beginning of the season, we have Barney still with Quinn, and Ted trying to figure it out with Victoria. On top of that, Robin gets a new boyfriend, played by Michael Trucco. Obviously, none of these relationships are long-term, and we should all be prepared for "breakup month" in October.

For even more about Season 8, check out the original interviews at TVLine and Vulture.

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Source: TVLine, TVLine, Vulture

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