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How Will Revenge Season 2 Start? Actor Josh Bowman and Creator Mike Kelley Tell All!

We already know that the second season of Revenge will start the same way the first did, with a flash-forward scene.

Creator Mike Kelley has teased that this scene will be a wedding sequence, but what can we expect from it?

Actor Josh Bowman had an interesting analogy to share with The Examiner last week.

“The way I saw it, it starts off a bit like The Lion King where Scar rules the plains, and it’s dark and fiery, and everyone’s skinny and gaunt, and Simba’s gone,” Josh said. “The land isn’t green and fresh, and that’s kind of how we start out. Victoria’s gone, and Conrad’s kind of running the place."

So, does that make Daniel a hyena?

Why repeat the same pattern as last season’s death on the beach scene? Mike had plenty of reasons — the first being that it’s worked before.

"I felt like when I started this, I wanted to tell the audience, 'You're in good hands, I know where I'm going, sit down and I'll take you there,'” Mike told The Huffington Post. “That's what I'm trying to do each time."

And trust us, Mike, we’re more than comfortable in your hands. After last season’s gripping Fire and Ice murder scene, we can’t wait to see how the show’s creator plans to destroy this mysterious wedding.

What else can we expect from the opening? Definitely another Emily-Thorne-ism!

“We also open with a quote much as we did in the first season,” Mike told Deadline. “This one is about destiny. It’s about whether you have a hand in your own destiny or whether it’s all laid out for you. So this season is all about free will vs. fate.”

Well, one thing we know for sure is that come Sept. 30, we’ll have no free will in the decision to turn on ABC.

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