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Baby Daddy Spoiler: Star Derek Theler on the Danny-Riley-Ben Love Triangle – Exclusive

If you’re a fan of ABC Family’s new sitcom Baby Daddy, then you’re probably wondering when Danny (Derek Theler) is finally going to tell Riley (Chelsea Kane) how he feels about her — especially since she’s pining after clueless Ben (Jean-Luc Bilodeau).

Wetpaint Entertainment recently caught up with Derek, who hinted that Danny may get his moment with Riley in an upcoming episode.

Along with spilling a few juicy details on the love triangle, Derek discussed the show’s on-set dynamic (oh, babies!) and the budding bromance between himself and his male co-stars, Jean-Luc and Tahj Mowry (Tucker).

Wetpaint Entertainment: What makes Danny not bail? He really has the money to find an apartment of his own.
Derek Theler: He loves his brother, and also, he's definitely got a big love interest in Riley. He's very interested in her and he wants to give that a shot even though he doesn't know how to tell her.

It’s almost like he's pushing her towards his brother. That seems like the wrong thing to do.
I wouldn't say that he necessarily pushes her towards Ben. He just doesn't speak his mind the way he should.

When will we see that triangle progress?
This last episode we just did is definitely a big episode for the love connection between Danny and Riley. The funny thing about Ben is he's pretty much oblivious that Riley's even into him. He's got Emma, his girl, that he puts most of his time into, and Danny finally gets the courage to let Riley know how he feels, in a weird way.

Would you give these three guys a baby?
Would I personally? No, no way. They have no experience. They're clueless, the guys are. I mean they're young, horny guys. I guess that's the right word. But they're learning. At this point we're working on episode eight. I might trust them a little bit more with the kid.

What have you learned about babies?
I mean the crazy thing about the babies we work with is how fast they change their moods. When the babies are crying, we can't work. So it's very important for them to be happy, and all it takes is like a shake of your head or whatever. Like let them pull your hair, and they snap back into happiness. It's so crazy.

That must be the craziest thing to watch, three guys making faces?
Well, whenever the babies are on set we're just like these clowns crowding around them. I'm surprised they're not afraid of us because we're just all in their face. It's so funny. The babies definitely respond to guys. At this point, she recognizes us, and she knows who we are. She likes hanging out with us.

What's it like being on a sitcom?
It's so fun and exciting. I come to work every day, and all we do is laugh. We don't take ourselves seriously. Nobody does. It's not like a drama. It's just jokes and jokes and jokes, and we're all having a good time. I'm having a blast.

Have you done live audience work before?
Not much. I had an improv group, and I've done some quick things for the Conan show, some skits and things, but nothing like a lead in a sitcom. It's fantastic. And it's funny because the scripts are so great, and we do our jokes all week long without the audience, and it's like, “Okay, this is a good script, but we're not funny.” And then as soon as the audience gets there and hears it for the first time, they just light up. It's just adds something else to experience because suddenly people are responding to it, and they think it's funny.

Did you guys know each other before the show?
No, we didn't. None of us knew each other at all, and especially the guys, we're now best friends. We do everything together on the weekends. It's fun, and it's cool to work with your best friends. We have such a great chemistry, and I think the audience will respond to that too because they can tell we really care about each other, and we definitely know each other.

Does the show make you want to have babies or the opposite?
It doesn’t do either. I definitely want to have kids, I just need some time. I need quite a bit of time. But it's fun to be working that close with a baby.

It's good practice.
It's good practice, and we're having a good time with her. She loves us as much as we love her.

Baby Daddy airs Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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