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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette Wedding! Producers Find True Love Behind-the-Scenes

Remember when The Bachelorette went all "docu-style" and Arie Luyendyk, Jr.'s sordid affair with producer Cassie Lambert was revealed? That was so real, and featured so many camera angles.

Nowadays, Cassie has more than moved on from Arie and his wavy hair of dreams. In fact, she's dating her fellow producer, Peter Scalettar, who she met in 2008 while shooting The Bachelor in Barbados. "We spent about six hours together shooting b-roll and interviews while Shayne Lamas, one of the two final cast members, waited for her proposal," Cassie tells Huffington Post. "Watching Pete interact with Shayne and the crew made me see how charismatic he is, and there was an immediate attraction. At one point, we cuddled up to take a picture together, and I thought, 'I don't want to leave from under his arm.'"

Pete and Cassie moved in together nine months later, and now they're engaged — in part thanks to ABC's resident pimp, Chris Harrison. "After four years on the show, we started getting pressure from our friends, the crew, Chris Harrison," Cassie says. "I think what really pushed us to get engaged was hearing cast members describe what they wanted in a partner and realizing that, everything they’re looking for, we have in each other."

So how did this long-awaited engagement go down? Pete popped the question in Grand Central station by whispering to Cassie from across the room, and gave her a ring made out of Legos that they bought in London! "Generally I’m not a nervous person but when we got off the train, I had tunnel vision," Pete says. "There could have been someone getting robbed on either side of me –– or murdered for that matter — and I wouldn’t have seen it."

Awww, young love! Cassie and Pete are getting married on August 4th, and yes — Chris Harrison is performing the ceremony. Dude is getting ordained, which (let's be real) is the best part of this story.

Source: Huffington Post