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Farrah Abraham on Learning She Was Pregnant: “I Ended Up Turning a Little Crazy”

Farrah Abraham's time on Teen Mom is wrapping up, and she's ready to impart some final words of wisdom, y'all.

As we know, Farrah got pregnant at the tender age of 16, and she thinks her pregnancy resulted from boredom. "I think some of the smaller cities or towns where we're from, there's not that much to do there, and I think also that's why most teenagers have sex, is 'cause we're bored," she tells The Mom's View.

Farrah was shocked when she found out about her pregnancy –– especially because she was on birth control at the time. "I was first crying, and then I ended up turning a little crazy and started yelling at the woman [her gynecologist], just because I was taking birth control," Farrah says. "I was trying to avoid getting pregnant so, so strongly."

Farrah's baby daddy, Derek, died in a car accident when she was eight months pregnant, but Farrah's determined to make him part of her daughter Sophia's life. "Every year, we go to Derek's grave site and also we take pictures, we record it, and I have a whole baby box with Sophia with letters and pictures telling how and why things happened, and why I'm here today alone," Farrah says.

Awww, Farrah! There's no doubt that this gal is a great mom, and she's confident that Baby Sophia will be proud of her at the end of the day. "She'll be proud of me and she'll make the right choices, and we can have the best mother and daughter relationship," Farrah says.

Check out the rest of Farrah's interview with The Mom's View here!

Source: Teen Mom's View

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07.31.2012 / 07:26 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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