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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Season 3 Casting: Is Misfits Star Iwan Rheon Ramsay Bolton?

Fourteen new faces have been confirmed for Game of Thrones Season 3, but book fans are not content. Why? Because two key roles — wildling king Mance Rayder and Lord Roose Bolton's bastard son, Ramsay — have not yet been cast… or have they? The interwebs are abuzz with the rumor that Ramsay has been found!

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Here's what we know: Access Hollywood confirms that Welsh actor Iwan Rheon has been cast in a role mysteriously monikered "Boy." Many think this is code for "Ramsay Snow," who — not to give too much away for the uninitiated is one of the most memorably creepy characters from the books.

Iwan is beloved amongst geek circles for his work as loner-turned-superhero Simon Bellamy on the delightfully irreverent British dramedy Misfits. It's hard to believe that such a talented and relatively well known actor would be cast in a throwaway role. Iwan, at 27, is way too young for Mance, so Ramsay is the obvious fit.

Adding fuel to the speculation fire is Iwan's reluctance to talk about his new role. In a recent interview with After Ellen, which took place before HBO officially confirmed his casting, all Iwan would say is, "Well I'm playing... I'm possibly in the show.. and if I was to be in the show I'd be playing a character called "the Boy"... Uhm, yeah, I can't really talk about it."

It's hard to believe the GoT Powers That Be would keep Iwan on such a tight leash unless he's been cast in a noteworthy part. A firsthand account from a fan who claims to have caught a glimpse of the filming also suggests this rumor could be true.

But is it a good idea? We love Iwan, but we're not convinced he fits the description of the "fleshy" Ramsay, who has "large, wormy lips," though he does have "pale eyes." On the other hand, the Game of Thrones casting team has rarely let us down. Check out Iwan in action here, and then let us know if you think he'd be good for the part in the comments below.

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Source: Access Hollywood, After Ellen, ONTD

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