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The Bachelorette

Is Kalon McMahon Just Playing a Bad Guy on Bachelor Pad 3? David Mallet Weighs In

David Mallet might be a Bachelor Pad newbie, but he knows his how to play this game just as well as the veterans (if not better)! David is all about strategy, and he thinks the easiest way to take home $250 is to bring Michael Stagliano to the finish line with him.

"Michael's a great guy, and I think that it's smart to try to take Michael to the final because he has already won," David tells Reality TV World. "And no matter how great of a guy he is, no one is going to pick him twice, I think, to win unless they really hate the other team in the final." Wise words, David, wise words.

In other news, you'll be shocked to know that Kalon McMahon has a heart of pure gold — at least according to our fave, Dave. "Of course, you've seen Kalon on TV and he seems like he's real jerky, and he's real cocky and comes off that way," David says. "But he is just playing a little comical part when he makes those jokes. He's very witty, a very smart guy, and you know, we must have heard — I know you hear little clips and little quotes that he says, but we would hear like 50 of those a day, and you laughed at 45 of them."

Wow, what a load off. We've always had an inexplicable love for Kalon, and now that he has David's seal of approval we feel way less creepy. Phew!

Source: Reality TV World