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Matthew Morrison on Glee Season 4: “Everybody Wants to Join” the Club, and That’s Not a Good Thing! — Exclusive

After three years as social outcasts at McKinley High — and countless slushies to the face — the New Directions will have finally made it to the top of the high school food chain when Glee returns for Season 4. They’re popular. Everybody loves them. And everybody wants to join their club!

So what could possibly go wrong? Quite a lot, actually. Wetpaint Entertainment spoke exclusively with Mr. Schue himself, Matthew Morrison, at the TCA FOX All-Star Party, and he told us this newfound popularity just might end up doing a bit more harm than good.

Did you do anything cool during your hiatus?
I recorded my second album. It’s going to be a Broadway standards album.

Which songs on the album are your favorites?
Lady is a Tramp. On the Street Where We Live. Those are probably two of the favorites.

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Do you do a duet?
Yes. I can reveal one [singer]. I’m doing one with Adam Levine. There’s one other one, and it’s really good.

Is the other one a woman?
No. It’s a much older man.

Now that you’re back in production for Glee, what should we expect from the fourth season?
Well, it’s a whole new thing. Half of its in New York, and half [in Ohio]. But for me, it’s a whole new set of challenges because I’ve had three years of molding this group of misfits, and now we’re on top.

Is there a different dynamic to that?
It’s such a different dynamic because, A: how do you stay on top? And also, how do you bring all the good spirits and everything that you had before into this new group of people. But it’s also the cool club too, so everyone wants to join, but I’m having a hard time finding people who are actually passionate about performing. It’s interesting. It’s a new set of problems.

What about the wedding that’s never seems to take place?
I’m hoping it takes place this year. I’ve heard it will.

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Is there anything in the first episode about Will and Emma’s (Jayma Mays) relationship?
No. We have a couple scenes together, but nothing about that.

What do you make of this split between New York and Ohio?
I think it’s good for the show because I think people know what to expect with Glee. You’re going to the choir room. Here’s some songs and stuff. So I think it’s going to add a different twist to it, a different dynamic and kind of take us to different places we haven’t been before. So I think it’s exciting.

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